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Rest In peace Daniel


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This is my first thread, so I'm sorry if I post it on the wrong place ,


Today 16/12 , My Friend Daniel died,

He was one of the Kindnest and happiest guys I have ever meet.

He was 14 years old, He wasn't depresst or something . He's fathter came in to he's room Today and found him dead.

We don't knw actually what happend to him jet,


I post it here cause I just wanted to share my feelings, I really liked him, and I 've been crying the hole day .

Daniel, This is for you, I'll alawys remeber you ,

Rest in Peace.



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I know that it's impossible for you not to be sad at this time but I've lost two great friends at a very early age too and I know how difficult it must be. Try at this time to focus on all of the wondferful memories that you have of Daniel. Keep him forever in your heart. He would want you to remember those happy times and to know that you are smiling .


My condolences to you at this time . May your friend Daniel rest in peace :hug:

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I know it's so horrible, your sorrow, but you are not alone, and not stay alone you have friends here for support you


and if you need to talk PM me


you know I have also two friends (were brother & sister) bur one day car accident


my teenage I have a friend of school. and hanged himself in the forest

(stay shocked)

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I am sorry for you I really am. it makes you take the value of life in prespective when thesee things happen.


It must have been awful for his dad. be strong as you can for the family of your friend, your mornin will help them

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