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trick-or-treating! :D :P


this is what i said to my teacher today (as a joke :P )


me: mr.currie are you going trick-or-treating? because if you are you could pretend to be a teacher. :smug:

mr. currie: wanna know what else is funny? *flicks my head*


yeah it wasn't that funny but my sister thought it was hysterical. :P

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:lol: that's great! my friends asked me if i was going to dress up as chris martin.



but in the beginning i was a vampire wearing a cape, with my school jersey, and had some makup on my face. then the cape was bugging me so i took it off. and the makeup was all over my face from sweating because me and my friends always race eachother. so then i wiped it off kind of....




anyways, it was a great night! it was soo warm! warmest it's been for years.


i got lots of candy. about half a pillow case. :D


muahaha i sorted it all my candy in different bags. chocolate, chips, chewy things, and things to suck on. :P :D


it was soo fun. and exaughsting. but fun. i'm going to give some of my candy to this thing that we have at our school where they give candy to the less fortunate. :)

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