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Coldpay Aftershow Party: 1Liverpool 9/12/10


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Hi there,


I was lucky enough to 'blagg' my way into the aftershow party in Liverpool after the intimate gig at the Royal Court. The aftershow was at the London Carriageworks and it was a pretty quiet and chilled aftershow where i go to meet the band and have a few beers with them. Anyway, I've tried to upload my pic with chris from the aftershow but cant work out how to do it yet. If anybody wants to know anything more about the night let me know

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Hi and welcome to coldplaying! :nice:


Thanks for telling your story! :cheesy:

So you were at the concert as well?


You can't post links when you're new, so in about 4 or 5 posts you'll be able to post the picture. :)

(Please do so! :nice:)

Alternatively you could post the link on my profile or something and I can post it for you.

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What Chris banging groupies?


^this x 10000! So eloquent, as always, Destrokk....lol. Seriously how the fuck did you get in....I need tips for the future, lol. Man o man, you lucky bar steward. We need ALL the details, please.

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Basically ir happened like this.


Around 3pm i collected my tickets from the royal court theatre and as i left the box office 3 cars turned up with blacked out windows and out got jonny, will and guy with their family and friends, but there was no chris, and they went into the venue and i went off to the pub.


I went the gig which, was amazing, and after it waited outside a bit for the band to emerge, which they did and i managed to get a photo with chris. Once they had left i started talking to one of the security blokes at the venue and he told me that chris wanted to walk from the hotel down to the gig rather than get driven earlier in the day, hence the reason why chris wasnt there with the others earlier. During the conversation he mentioned that chris had walked down from a hotel in hope street in liverpool.


Hope street was on my route home so i thought that i would walk up there and see if i could see anything going on. When i got up onto hope street I walked down to 60 hope street hotel as I knew that was one of the hotels down there. When i got there, one of the blacked out cars from earlier in the day was there - obviously this had to be where the band was staying.


(will continue tomorrow - turkey needs cooking right now)

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