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haha naked people

The Mad Hatter

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I saw my brother naked once when we werent little kids anymore :anxious: not cool :disappointed: oh and I've seen my parents naked too quite a few times :wacky: uuh like every summer. They arent exactly the shy type :wreck:. They just think I'm silly when I tell them to act normal :bigcry:

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Yeah, I saw my sisters husband masturbating on a video on her phone :blank:


hahahaha no :disappointed:


my mum is always naked its scary but i guess im used to it so does my brother

they are both strange but they think im wierd coz i dont even wear shorts

and i always got a jacket on :\


our parents should meet and do naked stuff together while we hang our heads in shame

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i hate it when you go into a pool change room and people are naked

its like wtf? i got dared at swimmimg to go in the boys bathroom and they were

all nude i got scared for life


Arent people supposed to be naked in pool changing rooms? :uhoh: Like you have to get naked at some point to be able to put on your swimwear :anxious:


dont u wear swimwear underneath ur clothes then dry off and put ur clothes back on over the top



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