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Ode to deodorant


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There was a time when my mother used corn starch instead of deodorant, because she once did read an e-mail stating that some deodorant chemicals could cause breast cancer.


I don't think that worked for her. She now uses what she calls a really mild deodorant with no harmful chemicals. :dozey:

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The aluminum that's used as an antipersperant in most deodorants is linked to Alzheimers, it may have been that?


Yo're right, what is known as aluminium chlorohydrate (a mixture of aluminium salts) virtually found in every deodorant... From what I know, Aluminium is a neurotox metal and according to wiki the chronic exposure to it might be linked to Alzheimer and breast cancer. :surprised:

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I sometimes shower more than once a day. That was what I meant.

But now that I think of it, sometimes when I wake up hungover at the weekend and I don't leave the house I don't have a shower. It's quite rare though, like once a month.



How can people not shower at least once a day? :wreck: I normally take a shower before I start my day.

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