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What is your biggest fear?


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Honestly my biggest fears are...


Growing old (I'm afraid of being older than 35...isn't that insane?)

Ending up alone (which is unlikely) or never finding the perfect girl for me

Not accomplishing my goals in life

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Uh, I don't just have one 'big fear':

-Being abducted by aliens


-Not being able to fulfill my dreams

-Ending up alone

-Something bad happening to the people I love


My biggest fear is that you will no longer make epic drawings and post them on facebook for me to admire :(

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♦ needles (Given that I have the desire to donate blood, this isn't exactly good.)

♦ rejection (Which is weird, given how regularly I face this)

♦ being alone for the rest of my life

♦ death by drowning (because I can't swim)

♦ death by a car accident that I myself caused (Which is why even after all this time, I still don't know how to drive. Don't judge; I'm working on it. :embarrassed:)

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