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Why so much hate for Steve Wilson and Porpucine Tree?


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  • 3 years later...

Haha :D, i randomly found this old thread... that's kind of meaningful little piece of paper at the time, when i have really become a fan of Steven Wilson's music and waiting for his new album.


Actually the story is that this paper was thrown on the stage by a fan and SW actually criticised that fan. So hopefully anyone who started to hate him because of this photo can now erase this hate. ;)


But anyway, most of the times i listen to his music, i found myself thinking what a great music Coldplay actually could make if they'd only want. If Coldplay could add even 10% more complexity in their songs, their music would be different in the best possible way.


Steven Wilson and his different music projects definately deserve to be respected. His music could be quite complex to listen when you're into poppier music, but i advise to give at least a try.


Few songs which remind me of Coldplay






and finally little piece from the upcoming album, which seems to be definately one of the best concept albums of the year. It will be complex! But from the short introductions, i would advise it to anyone who likes good music...



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