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I hate grammar nazis


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Please, no puking in this thread.:hangover:

I sometimes wonder if some people like to become perfectionists at fine points, so then they can act like grammar NAZIS towards others? But even if that is so, who cares :laugh3:.

If you are writing in a technical journal, grammar matters. If you are writing for entertainment sake, then by all means, brake the rules! ;) (Samuel Clemens implores you to do so!)

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I text my mom a few weeks back and told her that her grammar was atrocious.

Wait ... I'm a grammar nazi? no? :uhoh:



Oh I am :bigcry: I'll leave you alone forever now.



I don't like bad grammar, but I try not to complain because it looks a lot worse when I do make mistakes :|

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What is it really? hm.. if we were used to being perfect with our own writing, then that sometimes get projected onto what we expect of others. Understandable. But is that comfortable - I mean, nobody really talks that way, in casual conversation, or amongst close friends, so it becomes something we reserve for formal or structured settings.

On the other hand, if we get too sloppy on a regular basis with our grammar and spelling, then it may become a habit which affects our ability to communicate effectively..


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Just digging this thread up, because I have been a grammar Nazi again (at least in Dutch).

Some newspaper I was reading started the article with saying 'The organisation literally swept the rules under the carpet' (vrije vertaling van 'the organizatie lapt letterlijk de regels aan haar laars'). I got so annoyed by it, how can you say it's literally? Did they lift up the carpet and swipe with a broom the rules underneath it? I assume they didn't. So I replied to the paper saying that they shouldn't make big mistakes like that in the article, because it's BAD. It's not a forum, it's a newspaper ffs. Urmh, yeah. :|


I don't know, I like to be corrected when I make mistakes, but I guess this just doesn't happen enough. For me and for others. If people would just say journalists to not make mistakes like that, then maybe they wouldn't as much as they do now? :S

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