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Speculations/ Theories on ETIAW on being the Official "First Single" of the new album

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This has still never been confirmed as a first single and my theories are:


1. articles have said "no video" will be made

2. Album hasnt been named yet so why release a single?

3. Will champion said they want to release this before festivals start ( so is this just promo single?)

4. as far as i know coldplay never have released a single without naming the album first

5 No one ever mentions "first single from the new album"

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It's not officially named yet, but we can assume it's going to be Major Minus.

And it doesn't have a release date, or did I miss something?


By the way, I hope ETIAW won't be on it, but I think it will. Professional reviews of this are inconceivably positive. :confused:

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I don't believe it will be on the album--no release date, no name, no tracklisting, nothing. So why release a single off a nameless album whose release date may drastically change because of some unforseen circumstance.


It doesn't add up; I think ETiaW is just a summer promo song for the festivals



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^ The Oracle said that it has a release date. But decided not to tell us the date ...


The Oracle?


holycrap some bands take themselves too serious :shocked2:


but i think unfortunatly ETIAW will be on the album.

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^I'm pretty sure he/she didn't.


Here's my theory of everything.


The album was meant to be released before summer, before their tour. As you all know it has been put off. However, Coldplay, or maybe more specific EMI, didn't want to miss the train of the summer hits and they wanted to promote their summer tour (although I doubt that there would be any show that wasn't sold out if they didn't release ETIAW). They released ETIAW to please the radio people (EMI wants to sell because they need cash) and to please the festival people (as it is a festival tour after all).


I think later, maybe around the end of July, they will officially announce an album title, release date, and the first official single, which may be one they won't have played in their shows, so nobody will have heard it before and will be thrilled and psyched and all. The single will be released in the beginning August, the album a month later (Mere speculation). Whether ETIAW will be on it, no one (except them?) knows.


I feel a bit sorry for burning ETIAW to the ground, for comparing listening to it to eating shit. One of the reasons I came here was because I wanted to vent my disappointment about ETIAW, and I'm glad Im not the only fan who doesn't like it at all (I still quite dislike it). I'm also afraid that when people ask me what kind of music I like and I say Coldplay, I will have to add that I don't like ETIAW. However many of their new songs they played proved that they can still do it, and I shouldn't have questioned their qualities or their intentions.


Because here's the point: It's Coldplay after all. If Coldplay want to start a big party at a festival, they just do it. If they want to blow us away with straight rock or a beautiful ballad, they just do it. If they want to be number one in the hit lists with an experimental song, they just do it. If they want to release a fresh sounding, varied, rocking album that pleases everyone, they just do it.

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You are wrong.




Perhaps unintentionally, but she exactly said it's a FIRST SINGLE.


So it should be in LP5. Or it should have been. Maybe they will change plans after all critical response, but I wouldn't put money on this.


A single can stand alone, a single can be seperate from a album...debs explained it some days ago.

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NEWS: every teardrop is a waterfall is likely not to be in the lp5, acording to the oracle:



june 6, 2011 - submitted by Bowen, United States of America


Q. Hey Oracle!


I watched the live stream of Rock Am Ring on Saturday and loved all of it, the boys reminded me why they're my favorite band in the world. All the new songs are great.


I know that someone has said that there will be "no video" for ETIAW. So I guess my question is two-fold. First, why not? And second, does this mean that it isn't the lead single from LP5 (or even will be on it)? Thanks Oracle, you rock!





The Oracle replies:


As you rightly notice there is no video - at the moment. That doesn't mean that whoever told you there'll be "no video" is correct. There MAY be a video. There may not. Oooh I'm annoying aren't I? It must appear that everything is shrouded in secrecy right now but it's not meant to be.


I just want to clear up that no album track listing has been announced so whether ETIAW appears on the album remains to be seen and is not for me to speculate upon. Until the album is mastered and totally ready it would be pointless.

ETIAW is a single. It's irrelevant whether it's a lead single or not as the album is still a while off. A single does not have relate to an album or appear on one, it can stand alone (as Christmas Lights did) but that doesn't mean that it will or won't.

Ah sorry for being slightly cryptic guys, you know I couldn't say even if I knew (which I don't).

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i didnt hear a DEF. yes, so i dont think so. If it is, then that would be one of the BIGGEST mistakes coldplay will make, the song and just plain horrible.


ok we get your point in every other thread:rolleyes:

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