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Come on, everyone, we're only a few a weeks ago (two or three) to know what is the exact tracklisting and release date for every country...


Don't be so impatient, people...


Hey Locust, only one clue, please!:rolleyes: Or maybe something about LP5, even only one word!

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So . . . Xylobryte means . . . bright wood? :P


The Tree of Life comes to mind when I say that :thinking:


And I just typed 'bryte' into Google and one of the results that popped up was a company that manufactures thermoplastic / thermoset composites to aerospace programs. It says it's solution has been used on satellites and unmanned aircraft . . . Interesting, considering the whole 'space' theme that Coldplay is throwing around.


I dont know how often i posted it already but Xylobryte is a other Word for Xylophone.






2=Woody Xylo




Xylobrytes is the Plural of Xylobrite.

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I'm afraid nothing can be said this time. They're taking decisions almost until the last minute as it has been officially announced.


Im not really aware with his (locust7) Postition out there.

Can anyone tell me about him?

Or Locust can you tell me about you? ;)

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Locust, if you had to guess, how many of the new tracks played live would make the albumn cut? Just curious to see ur opinion


Well, this is just a guess... Ok, I'd say more than half of the tracks that they've showcased during festivals, but not all of them...

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So...he's a Coldplay Prophet? :D



I think Locust is just very well-informed, aren't you, Locust? :D


btw, here's the Violet Hill post for those of you that are wondering:





I know many of you are not going to believe me, but I've already heard Violet Hill.


I'm not going to give away many details of how I did it, only that it was via an ipod, and a few days ago. And I see that everybody is so eager to know, that I think you finally deserved to share this with me.


Believe or not, I'm going to give my impressions about it. It's awesome!


The lyrics are the part that I can't remember precisely, because English is not my native language. The chorus is the same that Rolling Stone explained.


However, the song does not start with the jagged guitar Rolling Stone said, but with an atmospheric intro of about 15-20 seconds very Eno-esque. Then the guitar and piano begin to sound. Their riffs are heavier, faster and louder than ever. I don't think I've heard Buckland studio work this hard (live you always hear it louder and lower), but it's very attractive combined with the piano.


Chris voice is his low voice of the Parachutes era, but seems to be just stronger, muscular, not delicate till the end of the song. Not a single falsetto note here.


Also, the bass and drum sound different from general past Coldplay songs. Here they define the whole rhythm by themselves, especially Will's work. It's very distinctive and it has an intense effect between verses, and especially after every chorus. You think the drums are going to end, but they follow and remark these moments. You'll recognise very well this part of the song: bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam (six or seven times I think).


There's an intermediate guitar bridge before the final chorus, a continued riff, in which sometimes I thought of a Pink Floyd Dark Side or Pulse era, atmospheric soundful but at the peaks of the guitar distorted.


After the final chorus, there's the end, a coda of 35-40 with Chris only on the piano and singing low. Here his voice is delicate but not mellow. Seems to express he's broken inside, sadder and lonelier than ever, and the song slowly fades after the last word and note and dissapears into atmospheric as well, bringing you loneliness but strength.


The structure of the song is very Coldplayish, but the general sound is different, in the way of being more mature, stronger and epic without pretending it (unlike some X & Y songs). The instruments are very well integrated, much better than other times, but in many parts, an instrument carries by itself the song. Eno Production makes them sound louder, stronger but not pretentious. It feels both natural evolution, and I hope for the rest of the songs, seems to announce a more adult themed work and the step beyond we were awaiting.


Overall I give it 9,5/10.


Ok. That's all folks. As I said, I know some will believe me and some will not. I'll be called liar by some, I have no doubts. But when all of you will be able to hear the song, and it's sooner than you expect, you'll know it's true.


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I think Locust is just very well-informed, aren't you, Locust? :D


btw, here's the Violet Hill post for those of you that are wondering:







Thanks. This time unfortunately I'm not so aware of what may happen...

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Here's a cover of Hurts Like Heaven. I just used the instruments from Garageband, which is obviously not the best music maker/editor. But I think it sounds good. I didn't want to ruin it with my voice, so it's just an instrumental. I would be glad to hear your thoughts on this.


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