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I agree, great leg work by finding that artis Mylo (and then the Xyloto) - I also, in a earlier post, felt this was legit and totally makes sense with the theme of the new album. I mean Coldplay may have never contacted the artist but were absolutely inspired by the messages Mylo was trying to send to the rest of society through graffiti, postings, pictures.


So excited for the new single - this may be their second ace in the hole (I posted on other threads stating i thought CB was a good song, but not 2nd single worthy or technically the lead off single for the album). This song title was out of the blue, no guessed this one surprisingly.


I'm super excited - and I think Coldplay made a homage to this artist as well as other artists that keep trying to wake us up to the reality of the world. Can't wait to see the tracklisting.

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Chris Martin on the Billboard interview:


Interviewer: I guess one risk of playing songs live early in the process is you might mess up on them, as you did on "Us Against the World" at Glastonbury, a real beauty.


CM: We just finished the mix of that today with Spike [engineer Mark Stent]. That's a keeper, for sure. We did f*ck that up in Glastonbury.

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Spike has now attained sainthood here on Coldplaying. Even though he's not dead. :P


Congrats spike! you won!

Looking forward to the moment in 3 hours when this whole stupid "Mylo Xyloto" stuff will be proved wrong and we will have an album name and artwork that sounds and looks decent...

...and this guy lost. :lol:

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Wow, I just revisited this thread to see how we got this rumor in the first place...for some reason in my memory it was a locust7-type person that told us that, but now I see it really was the work of some careful detective work :D. Bravo for that!


However, I do miss the way we first got the idea that "Viva la Vida" would be the title of LP4. They made "MX" (whatever it stood for) so bloody obvious, spraypainting it everywhere :P





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Guys, I read on Facebook that Chris shouted "Mylo Xyloto" at Lollapalooza during Fix You, at 2.35:


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHMCV2-Dkdk]Fix You[/ame]


It's not just our ears, he did say it, didn't it? :stunned: :awesome:

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I'm a member of PRS and (as a member) you can search their online database of registered songs. I typed in Chris Martin and looked at all the newly registered work under 'Christopher Anthony John Martin' and a song called 'Mylo Xyloto' was registered on 6th July 2011!!! The writers registered for the song are all of Coldplay and Brian Eno. Wither they actually call the album Mylo Xyloto or not or that might be the lead single (maybe released on October 10th because the first letters of each word being MX).


Congrats Spike! you win and now could you say me -if you know- what it means?:P

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