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New Era Clothing


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Does anyone know the full-name of the runners Chris wears during concerts.

I know there nike but not sure which ones!!


the ones Chris wears on stage with the blue/pink or green/orange laces are Nike Air Approach Mid, although a bit spray painted



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So we got the shoes.... now to find the pants and shirt... plus the Jacket of course...


its very difficult to find a shirt like his... a thin collared crew neck pocket shirt in neon blue/turquoise color. many sites have the shirt without the pocket... ):


the pants are probably a designer brand... and the belt looks like a basic military belt...

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Where can you get Air Approach Mid 2.4 (that's what Chris has on)? I've looked online and it's not on the Nike store, and everything says Fall 2011. Isn't it Fall 2011?


i bout vans and just as good and just spray paint whatever you want http://shop.vans.com/catalog/Vans/en_US/style/l3j.html?vcategoryId=SZ1&cm_vc=SZ1#variation-3

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