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New Era Clothing


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after non-stop determination i found chris’ paint splattered hightops!

they are called diet butcher slim skinned retro 80s trainers 2011 spring summer.

the blue ones are chris’s and the white ones are will’s

and yes they are the exact ones.






Oh thank you! I searched for them for hours last summer. :lol: (Will's, Chris didn't wear his blue ones back then.)


I have Palladiums, never noticed Guy wears those. Does he really? Can't find a good pic.

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I'm closing in on a search for a jacket similar to Chris' and I wanted to get some opinions and which you guys think are the best. I'm going after this navy blue one.



Whichever one it is I can make small modifications (such as removing extra clothing, patches, etc) so keep that in mind.


Option 1: M-65 Field Coat. This looks good in picture but they're actually quite large with a lot of fabric in reality which is what I'm worried about as well as the lack of buttons.

Option 2: BDU 100% Cotton Jacket-Shirt. This is a lighter option but I'm worried about the lack of buttons on the jacket and the weird-ness of the pockets. (Chris' navy blue jacket has 4 pockets but the bottom two pockets do not have flaps).

Option 3: Cotton/Jean Jacket. This has the best material of the choices but it has weird embroiderings and only 2 pockets to boot. But I think it also has a pretty good collar and the best button style.


Those are the top 3 I've come across so I'd like some opinions and if you guys have any better suggestions please post them also keep in mind it isn't terrible difficult to remove small amounts of fabric and just put buttons on yourself.

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