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what is your favourite kind of ice cream?


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hahahahaha! I just take it with humour now!............... It's the same that I have when I drink coke, or I eat hamburgers or I'm in the sun and doing sports................. I can't breath and I my body turns red and it aches and my hands swollen and I can't do anything with them!............I gt used to it though! :lol:

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31 Flavors- orange sherbet and french vanilla have always been my favorites...i love mixing them together- you know like a creamsicle


Hagaan Daz- Chocolate chip (with big chips)


don't like Ben and Jerry's or any icecream that is too rich


I loooooove gelato...from Italy!!!

chocolate, hazelnut, lemon, strawberry....etc (the list could go on and on- they make the best ice cream!)

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