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Release confirmed!!!


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there might be another ep with paradise, up in flames and princess of china on it! just like the etiaw ep. maybe.


i just want to hear it, doesnt matter where it comes from (ep, bside, lp or otherwise)

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How much percentage you would give Princess of Chibna being included on Mylo Xyloto ?! And why ?


Honestly, I can't predict it, obviously, but I agree with what was said earlier in this thread about there being a chance of PoC and Up in Flames being on an EP with Paradise, so if that turns out to be true, PoC may not be on Mylo Xyloto, but we'll still get it either way, judging by Phil Harvey's tweet. :D

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I dont see ANY reason why PoC shouldnt be on Mylo Xyloto !!!

All the new songs are great and sound like Coldplay we know but Princess of China is,to me, completly new stuff we never heard of them EVER before(maybe except LiT).

Like they said that theyre not afraid anymore to be more creative and that song is definetly the result of it !


Second,the song is dark but contents kind of a love story which is included on Mylo Xyloto,like Chris said in the Billboard-Interview. So that is also fitting.


Third (but not the best reason) is, that the screen with the new album cover was used at the PoC Performance at Rock im Park,could have done that also with another new song but theyve chosen PoC.



Finally,to me it seems that Princess of China is a quite important song to them and they really like it a lot. So thats why they dont wanted to spoil it that much in the other festivals,for sure they know what is spoken about the song and they like it to keep the secret of it.


So i pray it will make the album and i`m pretty sure it does because there are more Pros than Contras !!!

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