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Miley Cyrus and Guy Berryman going out?


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From wikipedia


In March 2007, Coldplay's spokesman confirmed that Guy and Joanna separated after three years of marriage. They are now divorced, but see each other frequently for the wellbeing of their daughter Nico.
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of course it is a joke you don't expect guy to be a pedo right


I think you made a mistake of man, and I am pedo too ? :thinking:


is the man me I love is a pedo of girl famous supermodel .and one day he will risk having problems with his children's songs. if not decided go in real life.


I hear all the time and who prefers supermodel idiot but it's a big advantage she young and me she said the fans I am a groupie, fat of any class

but yes stupid fans are nasty and they are right because is in the reality.

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