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The xylophone part played by Guy and Chris in that video is in Paradise!


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listened to it again, could barely hear them... but it doesn't even sound like they're there for that long, maybe a few seconds at most - it's almost like they forgot to take the part out of the mix, and some of it snuck in - will have to ask the oracle about that as we do have video of them recording that part. But I hear it very briefly for a few seconds...

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It's definitely there, I listened to the official download on itunes with earphones, where there's no Dynamic Sound Enhancement that makes the bass loud (like on my mp3 player). Just keep listening in the last chorus after you've played the youtube video of Chris and Guy at the xylophone, then you'll hear it!

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I noticed that, but at the beginning of the song!


Wow, yeah! It's the same melody at the beginning but played with some electro thing (no idea what!), but then it's actually on the xylophone in the last chorus/guitar solo.


Pretty awesome when you realize you've known a little bit of "Paradise" for over a year now!

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