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Who else is sick of the stereotypes surrounding their home state/nation/whatever?

The Mad Hatter

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I think stereotypes are fine as a joke, but if someone thinks they actually exist, especially when applying it to every person, then at least it's a good early indication that you should stay away from that person as they are clearly a fucked up mess of a brain.

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to be honest, if you go up north to some places, people will treat you differently if you have a southern accent. a lot of people will speak more slowly and talk down to you. that's just what happens. it isn't fair to apply that to everyone, but it's not like they reflect amazingly on everyone else. it gets tiring after a while.


it's stereotyping on both sides, and it's not cool, but it happens. it doesn't really mean everyone ever is a dick. it's just what people do.

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I could go on for a while about the stereotypes associated with Iowa. We're all farmers (never been on a farm a day in my life, save for a visit to a historical one in fourth grade. Wouldn't know the first thing to do on one). We're all conservative hicks from "middle America" who don't understand the fancy ways of the big city folk (legalized gay marriage, one of few states who did, so stuff it).


TV executives seem to be horrible with their stereotypes in that regard. "Will this program go over well in 'middle America'?" Yeah, it will, trust me.


After my parents got married, they moved back to my dad's home state of California for a while, and then moved back here (this is my mom's home state). When they were getting ready to move and told people in California the name of the city they were moving to, people would go, "They have cities in Iowa?"


Yep. And indoor plumbing and that newfangled electricity, too!


And then people often mix us up with Idaho and think we're the potato state, but that's not a stereotype so much as just a food mixup. And one lady a teacher of mine met once apparently forgot Iowa was a state to begin with, so...yeah.

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Dude I love Iowa. It's awesome


There's this little tiny town I go to sometimes right off of the Mississippi. One of my favorite places in the world.


Cool! Which town?


I live in the northern part of the state-think I've only ever crossed the Mississippi end of the state a couple times at best. Don't recall ever being in the southeastern portion, but I've been to Des Moines and the southwestern end.

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Try being Algerian with a family full of military. You cant get through Customs in less than an hour and you miss flights over it. Oh, you also get to put up with people honestly thinking you are a terrorist whenever you speak your own language and you get told to "get back to your desert" by police officers who question you at every land mark and every border on the grounds of your little brother speaking Arabic.


And the icing on the cake is being shelled with artillery from both retarded religious people and the governments who are meant to protect you.


Yeah stereotypes sux pen0rz. Could be worse. Could be dark skinned as well. You get extra special police treatment if you are from North Africa AND have dark skin.

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