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Backing tracks live


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So I've seen Coldplay 3 times live and it's amazing -- I wouldn't want to change it one bit. But I was always curious as to how they used backing tracks and how they coordinated it so well. Obviously the strings in "Viva la Vida", the dulcimer in LIT, the lead in synth to "Violet Hill", etc. are not played by the band. So how are they played, and how does the band synchronize so well with the backing track?


Also, how do they coordinate the songs with the lights?

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they just play along to there full songs thats why they sound so good . "live" ?

Something like that, yes. For example, the synthesizers you can hear in Paradise is just backingtracks and also when the chorus starts with, ''Para-para-paradise'', the second ''Para'' is sung by Will, but we can't even hear him singing it. It's just the backingtracks.


The songs without any backingtracks they still do currently play which are in their setlists as usual is:

Yellow, hmm... :speechless:


You know, to me, it doesn't matter whether they use backingtracks or not, they just don't have to exaggerate using it !

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When I first saw your post I thought I might provide a brief explanation as to how they incorporate playback into their performances, not least because I'm quite outspoken on listing the pros and cons of using them as liberally as the band does. However, since there are already several such threads on the subject, I thought it would be better to refer you to this useful article (written by an experienced metal musician) on the ways in which playback is commonly used by bands: http://blog.creativelive.com/backing-tracks-history-use/


As the writer states, "good backing tracks should be like a great special effect in a movie; the best ones are the ones you don’t even notice". I couldn't agree more, really.


(In case you're wondering, Coldplay fall into category 3, for the most part).

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