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your regular day


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this is mine:


wake up ay 7:30am

press snooze

press snooze again

7:50am...i stay in bed usually and a lot of the time fall asleep again. :rolleyes:

go downstairs

eat breakfast

brush my teeth

get ready

tell my dad to hurry up so he can drive me because i hate walking in the cold.

wait for my dad to move the van out, take the car out, put the van back in (usually)

get to school.

unpack my things.

go to first two classes.

recess for 15 minutes

third class

lunch- walk home or to a friends house

hang around

walk back to school

go to fourth and fifth classes

recess again for 15 minutes, do math that i didn't finish (this applies at different recesses but out of habit it's usually last)

go to last class

chat at the lockers

get my stuff packed

wait for my friends

walk home

have a snack

go on the computer

do some homework

back on computer




go to sleep.




then the next day do the same thing again. :P

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Is that really true Eric?


Mine, uh...

Wake up and 7:00

Shower, get dressed, eat breakfast.

Become frustrated on the bus because the year 8 kid at the back is always annoying me. :lol: (note- don't sit at the back of the bus)

Uhm...daydream for 6 hours at school except for lunch where I be a dickhead.

Then after school I usually go to my friends, uhm do homework, eat....talk...uhm play sport uhm...lol

Go to sleep?


Yeah what great weekdays I have! :rolleyes:

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7:00am: Mum comes into my room and tells me to get up

7:10am: Mum comes into my room again to yell at me and tell me to get my ass out of bed, so I lay in bed for a good 10 minutes

7:20am: Roll out of bed, go to the bathroom and do the usual, brush teeth, take a shower, then finish up in there

7:45ish: Get dressed, grab my cds and put them in my bag, make sure i have batteries for my disc man

8:00am: Get into mum's car, and head off to a coffee shop and get a muffin or something of the sort

8:20am: Arrive at school and finish up homework that I didn't do the night before because I'm a lazy bastard

From 9:00am to 11:30am I have periods 1 and 2 where I don't really pay attention to anything

11:30am: Hang out and chat with my friends at lunch (we then head down to the band room and play some music to clear our minds of school)

From 12:40pm to 3:15pm I have periods 3 and 4 where I don't pay attention to anything once more

3:15pm: School ends and I walk to the bus with my friends and we go home

3:45pm: Get to the subway station

4:00pm: Get on my bus to go home

4:10pm: Arrive home

And from there I spend my night listening to music, going on the computer, playing guitar and singing in my room, writing, watching t.v, talking on the phone.

1:30am: Put my music on and go to sleep


And thats what I usually do during the school week :dozey: :snore:

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Hmmmm....man, this is gonna take a few minutes.


Wake up/get up at 6:50-7:00 am

Go out and do a puff on my electric nebulizer

get dressed

pack lunch

get drove to school and dropped off

walk around for a few minutes because I have like 20 minutes til class (either that or go see friend in other class)

Go to class

Lunch at 11:20

Get done eating so fast that it's only 11:35

Go and wait for gym to start with friend Kyle

Go to locker room, get dressed

Blah blah blah, school ends at 3:00

Meet friend Jordon

Walk home with Jordon

Get home

Let Rusty out (my dog)

Get something to eat

Go on pc

Wait for dad to get home

Dad get's home at 4:40-4:50

Go off computer

Watch the simpsons, friends, that 70's show, from 5:00 until 7:00

Go on pc again

Get off

Go somewhere to run errands with my dad

Get home

Go online again

Time to go to bed (11:10-11:30)

But stay up secretly and go on pc until usually 1:00-2:30

Go to sleep

Tada.......same thing, everyday...except on weekends.

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7:00 - Wake up

7:15 - have breakfast

7:30 - shower

8:00 - get dressed, do hair, etc

8:30 - walk to work

9:00 - get to work

10:00 - take kids outside at work

12:00 - lunch break wooo! :P

1:00 - more work work work

5:00 - OFF WORK!!! :D

5:30 - have supper

6:00 - call John

7:00 - computer/tv

10:00 - talk on the phone/ computer


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Wake up

go back to sleep

wake up again, toy with the idea of pretending I have a fatal illness and cannot leave my bed but give it up and get dressed

drive to school

be bored at school

go home

eat dinner

go online and spend hours on here

get offline

go watch tv, probably the bbc

go to sleep


-wow, when you write it out like that it sounds so dull and pointless! :/

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wake up

moan for a while

get up


get dressed/ready

wait for my friends to call in to go to school

in school 'til 4 :dozey:

come home and collapse

do some h/w or come on here

have dinner

watch some t.v

listen to the radio

go to bed :snore:

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Wake up

5 minutes later mum yells at me to make sure I'm awake

Shower, get dressed

Walk to bus stop

Get on bus

Half an hour later get off bus

Walk to school with friends

8.35- School starts

8.55-Lesson 1

9.55- Break

10.10- 12.15- Lessons 2+3


1.25- 3.30- Lessons 4+5

Walk to bus stop with friends (wait for ages)

Get on bus

Half an hour later get off bus

Do homework

Eat dinner

Listen to music/ watch TV/ Go on computer/ read newspaper

Go to sleep

:snore: :)

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Wake up at 6.55

6.55 Watch Rise on channel 4.

7.15 Get exciited watching Kate from BB3 and roll over and dream for 15 minutes.

7.30 Get out of me pit.

7.35 Run a bath.

7.40 Iron my clothes for work.

7.50 Get in the bath

8.10 Get Dressed.

8.15 Make a Brew and make some breakfeast, of which normally consisits of Kellogs cornflakes or Shreaded Wheat

8.30 Get ready to leave house, hopefully without getting myself in a state looking for me Key or work/bus pass.

8.35 leave House

8.50 Arrive at bus stop.

8.53 Get the bus

9.23 Arrive and work the rest of the journey to work

9.35 Get into work and open up my systems including a portal for coldplaying.com

9.45 Mail varoius mates who work in the office or other offices exchanging jokes.

10.00 Start work, of which normally starts with a pre shift brief if its not busy.

10.15 Start of ineraggation from customers about their broadband and TV and telephone services.

11.30 First Break

11.45 Second Quater of interogation.

1.30 Lunch, some times I go to mcdonals or eat me own lunch, catch up on coldplaying.com and me personal mails.Make calls

2.15 End of lunch on the second half of the day.

3.30 Last Break of the day.

6.00 Finsih work

6.15 Do overtime until 8 PM

8.00 PM go home, either get a lift or get a bus

9.03 PM get home, call me mates check me phone for messages. Depending on what messages I get or what frineds I call I may go out or


9.30 Watch TV till 10.30 and have something to eat

10.30 PM afterwards - Have a drink and a smoke and listen to my vast back catulouge of music.



12.00 AM Curl up and go to sleep with either Radio 5 Live or Sky News or something that I find of intrest, I have sky so I constanlty channel hopping

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7:00am - wake up

7:20am - go to school

1:00pm - go home

1:10pm - lunch

2:00pm - bored. probably i will listen to music

2:30pm - go to the gym

5:00pm - go home again

5:30pm - take a shower

6:00pm - watch saint seya :cool:

6:30pm - dinner

7:00pm - bored. probably i will play the bass

8:30pm - watch the simpsons :cool:

9:00pm - bored. probably i will use the pc

1:00am - go to sleep.


Next week my vacations will start, so there will be no more school to bug me.

So my schedule will be something like:


2:30pm - Wake up

3:00pm - go to the gym

5:30pm - get home and take a shower

6:00pm - watch saint seya

6:30pm - play the bass, listen to music, watch some dvds

8:30pm - watch the simpsons

9:00pm - computer time. chat, games, etc.

2:00am - go to sleep


Man, life is boring. :/

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all of you wake up at 7:00 people!!!


Ya, what's up with these people?


6:00 - wake up

6:30 - get dressed, get downstairs, eat food.

6:50 - get stuff and put in backpack

7:00 - drive to school

7:20 - go to the gym for convocation

7:30 - sit through convocation

7:40ish - go to computer class

dunno - go to Biology

dunno - Go to History or IS(depends on the day)

dunno - Go to Theology or stay in IS

'' - Go to Band or Jazz band

'' - Go to lunch

'' - Go to Literature or Study hall

'' - Go to "Honors Geometry" (yes, whenever I say it I do the bunny ears with my fingers and say it like Dr. Evil)

2:30 - Go to Lunch room and either sit there and do homework, talk, or practice drumming(my drum set is at school)

4:30 get picked up

4:50 - Be at home

5:10 - Go on computer

5:11 - Be here

5:30 - be at megatokyo

5:50 - get yelled at to do homework

6:10 - do homework

anything after that is random and inconsistent

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5:40am: alarm goes off, hits snooze

5:47am: hit snooze again

5:54am: hit snooze again

6:01am: hit snooze again

6:08am: get up finally! get a shower and ready for work

6:20am: leave for work

7:30am: get to work

5:00pm: leave work

6:30pm: get home

after that its pretty much whatever until

10:00pm: go to bed


my schedule sucks! :(

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