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[4-Jun-2012] Coldplay @ Emirates Stadium, London, UK


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Due to incredible demand, third London Emirates show added on June 4th Gigs&Tours http://cldp.ly/cpgandt Ticketmaster http://cldp.ly/cptickm A



9.32 UPDATE: Due to incredible demand, a third show has been added at the London Emirates Stadium (the first two have already sold out). The new date is on Monday, 4 June, which is a bank holiday. Tickets available from the links below.


- Gigsandtours / 0844 854 1360

- Ticketmaster / 0844 847 2312

- Seetickets

- Ticketline / 0844 888 9991

- Ticket Factory / 0844 581 9900



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I was in lesson so I missed 1 and 2 June. I'm so lucky that third show added ! Got 1 ticket fortunately. 1 or 2 of June was more suitable for me but it's ok. I'm still going ! :)


me and blue girl we started trying to buy tics at 9am (for 1 and 2 june) and we couldnt, in minutes was sold out, so even if u where not in lesson guess u couldnt have bought it

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That's so crazy......Just got 4 standing tickets for this! when came out the news of this tour???? I just saw it when it was all sold out in ticket master


tambien estoy contenta de tu ires :D :dance: vas a levar tus coldplayers?

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yes!!! it was unbelivable , we were like its ok, we will see them anywhere else and then i decided to go again to ticketline and saw the new date :| my first thought was its fake got to be fake but it couldnt be, it was ticketline site!!!! :dance:

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As I've said in the other thread, get your hotels & travel booked ASAP


It's the Diamond Jubilee long weekend, London will be busy.


yes we have already booked the hotel and next week we will get the flight tickets, ty

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