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[17-Apr-2012] Coldplay @ Rexall Place, Edmonton, AB, Canada


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Well,maybe i´m the only thinking DLIBYH was ok but nothing special...Chris singing is poor,he needs to practise that song way more...the drums overshadow everything...thats my first impression,maybe it will change after hearing the song in decent quality...but for now i´m a bit disappointed.


Btw, DLIBYH is my favourite song from MX,too... ;)


Drums come through on the recording better than anything, but that's probably more to do with the phone speaker it was recorded with. I don't think a recording of this quality is really a very good representation of what the song truly sounds like live.

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Any reviews of how it is behind the stage? I have rear view seats (about 13 rows up) for Montreal and would love to know how they will be.....



Someone recorded a video from the behind seats. (I think it might've been clocks.) The angle looked awesome! I think I'd rather be there than at the far back or something.

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In My Place














Us Against The World




Viva La Vida



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Coldplay TEASES Rihanna Cameo In Princess Of China Music Video!!




Werk that "gangsta geisha" look, gurl!! Werk it!!!


Rihanna made a special appearance during the opening night of Coldplay's Mylo Xyloto tour!


And all those lucky b*tches in Edmonton, Canada got the FIRST LOOK at their Princess of China music video when the band performed the song LIVE!!


No holograms necessary, RiRi magically appeared throughout the performance via spotlight video footage. And it looks SOOO GOOD!!


OoOoooh we can't WAIT for this video to debut!!!


But in the meantime, U can watch the sneak peek (above)!!! UR WELCOME!!!






Perez, such a fangirl! :lol:

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I have a question for those who got the first lines, what time did you start queueing??


This wasn't a GA show - this was assigned seating. I had VIP tickets, so we had our own line up and queue. From what I saw for normal ticket holders there weren't a lot waiting to get in.

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