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Random Coldplay Songs Elimination Game


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It means "boy", I said it because its funny how you're rooting for Proof when Yellow was doing so well. Why do you choose Proof over Yellow? I'm just curious, as I believe that Yellow is better than both Proof and Gravity, although I prefer Gravity to Proof.


Proof 10

Yellow 27

Gravity 22

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^ Wait... if you're saying Gravity should win then why are you taking away from it? :D

My opinion on Proof: It's a masterpiece. Just like every other song on here. It's just a matter of which one is worse, and in my opinion, it just so happens to be Proof. When you've got a band like Coldplay and a elimination game like this that 's just how it goes, your gonna have to eliminate some of your best tracks whether you like to or not :P


Proof 9

Yellow 26

Gravity 23


EDIT: Just noticed, you took away from both Yellow and Gravity.... did you copy paste the wrong one? :D

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