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Random Coldplay Songs Elimination Game

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Proof 16

Yellow 21

Gravity 22


In my opinion Gravity is more beautiful than Proof, and Yellow beats them both. Can't believe it was losing points. Of course you get tired of it after 10,000 listens, but that doesn't change the fact it is Coldplay's masterpiece.

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It means "boy", I said it because its funny how you're rooting for Proof when Yellow was doing so well. Why do you choose Proof over Yellow? I'm just curious, as I believe that Yellow is better than both Proof and Gravity, although I prefer Gravity to Proof.


Proof 10

Yellow 27

Gravity 22

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^ Wait... if you're saying Gravity should win then why are you taking away from it? :D

My opinion on Proof: It's a masterpiece. Just like every other song on here. It's just a matter of which one is worse, and in my opinion, it just so happens to be Proof. When you've got a band like Coldplay and a elimination game like this that 's just how it goes, your gonna have to eliminate some of your best tracks whether you like to or not :P


Proof 9

Yellow 26

Gravity 23


EDIT: Just noticed, you took away from both Yellow and Gravity.... did you copy paste the wrong one? :D

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