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The ways MSN Messenger


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The "Away" Person


This person is either saying "Hi I'm never here but I leave my MSN on in the hope that SOMEONE will message me while I'm out so I feel important" or they're saying "I'm here but I only want to talk to a privledged few people while everyone else thinks I'm NOT here".

To this person I ask: Why are you a) so shallow or b) such a dick?


The "Away" Person part II


This person signs in and immediately switches their status to "Away" EVERY time.

To this person I ask: why do you sign into a chat program designed to talk to your friends only to walk away from your computer as soon as you sign in? Either you're incredibly retarded and entirely miss the concept of internet instant messaging or you are a huge asshole because you think you are too good to talk to anyone.


The "Busy" person


This person has his/her status set to "Busy" more often than not and when you try to talk to them they either don't respond or tell you that they're "working on an essay/project/assignment" or whatever.

To this person I ask: If you are too busy to talk on MSN then why are you signed in? The function of MSN IS TO CHAT with your friends....there is no other excuse to have it on because it serves no other purpose....so what you're really saying is not that you are "too busy to talk" it's that you are "too busy to talk to ME or anyone else but a select few people who you deem privledged enough"...otherwise you'd shut it off so that you could do your work. If that's the case then tell me and I'll understand which is much better than the incinuation that you think I'm too retarded to see that you have a "cool list" that I'm apparently not on.


The "Multiple sign inner"


This person signs in ever two seconds because of computer difficulties. GET IT FIXED...it's fucking annoying.


The "Frequent Name Changer"


I can see changing your name to something cool when you hear it or when something truly cool happens to you; but when every three minutes you're changing your name during every song you hear on your 500 song Winamp playlist to some "deep" lyric is also really fucking annoying


The "Chronic Complainer"


If you escape death in a car wreck, or overcome some scary disease or have a wicked story then I probably want to hear about it. If you have too much homework and the sniffles and change your MSN name to whatever daily complaint you have, you can go fuck yourself. If it's winter in Canada it is likely that A LOT of people are sick and most with worse shit than you're complaining about. People with cancer would give their right arms to have whatever you're bitching about instead of what they have....and if you go to school and you have too much work or just pulled and all nighter, BIG FUCKING DEAL...EVERYONE has homework and EVERYONE has had to do an all nighter at some point. These people I also call "Sympathy Fishermen" because they complain about everything so someone will say "ooh you poor thing how DO you manage to get by?". SUCK IT UP. The only people I'd ask that question to are people fighting cancer or starvation in 3rd world countries or kids who get every limb blown off by bombs in war torn countries; NOT you and your curable ailment...fuckin pussy


The "Vanishing Person"


This complaint is NA if the person is drunk or stoned. If you talk to someone who is drunk and stoned this is to be expected...this person gets up from their computer in mid conversation and forgets about you....

To this person I say: Get some manners and at least end the conversation or tell them that you will be back...I mean this is like putting the phone down in mid conversation and going to take a shit without saying anything. Where did you people grow up?


The "Grammar Police"


This person feels the need to not only correct each spelling mistake they make but to make fun of yours as well....fuck I didn't realize I was writing an essay here, if you know what I mean then stop being a first class loser and grow the fuck up. If you feel like correcting every errant letter you write that's your perogative but holy shit calm the fuck down when I do it.


This is all I can think of tonight but others include people who use way too many abbreviations. Like, ttyl, lol, and lmfao are legit but when you start getting into shit like hsiadaf to say "holy shit I am as drunk as fuck" and expect people to know what you're saying you're just weird....anyway, i started this but I bet it's nowhere near finished so feel free to add to it and send it off....


I ripped it off someone's livejournal

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I'm always just online, unless i'm eating dinner and then i put my status as away or something, that way they can still message me and i can check the message when i get back, and..i really don't like when someone changes their name every two seconds THEN feels the need to appear offline and then go online again, and keep doing that over and over and over again..i usually block the people who do that cos it's really very annoying

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I'm online everyday, not busy or away...but the occasional appear offline because certainly people I talk to are annoying... :dozey: Either that or my mom see's me on when I'm supposed to be in bed. :D


Msn messenger kicks Aol's ass. The only thing I hate about msn is how the bastards took away there chat unless you pay for it...greedy fuckers..

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I'm quite a lot busy, because I sometimes just forget about it and go to eat something or go to a watch a movie and it changes all by itself! Or I sometimes go to lay down for a while, and I always fall asleep, so it changes all by itself! .............Anyway, I don't have much to say! :lol: :sneaky:

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True. My pet peeve though is the people that don't take the time to type out the full word' date=' they just use those retarded abbreviations. :confused:[/quote']


*agrees*, I hate that too....


Come on people, it doesn't take that much effort, the keyboard is right in front of you. Can you seriously be that lazy? Plus it make's them look like a 6th grader... :rolleyes:

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True. My pet peeve though is the people that don't take the time to type out the full word' date=' they just use those retarded abbreviations. :confused:[/quote']


my friend uses abbreviations when i'm actually talking to her and it is so annoying.

she says wick awse and then i'm like what? then she says i'm stupid and and that it means wicked awesome. :rolleyes: :/ yes of course...i'm the stupid one.


most people i know don't type out the full words on msn.

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people who message 2 seconds after you JUST signed in...that bugs me..


people who are like "where are you" when you havent typed something in 30 seconds


people who I've blocked on msn. icq, and aoland ignore them when I see them in person and then EMAIL ME wondering where I've been...get a clue people


people who message you and then dont respond to your 'hi' back until 30 minutes later...WHY DID YOU MESSAGE ME IF YOURE NOT GOING TO TALK TO ME



...thats all i got

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people who message you and then dont respond to your 'hi' back until 30 minutes later...WHY DID YOU MESSAGE ME IF YOURE NOT GOING TO TALK TO ME


Gah! That is the worst ever! It's worse when they just don't reply to your hi back at all... it's like "OH, lets tell colleen hi, but no need to talk to her... she's boring... but i need to feel special by telling people hi"

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