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**RESCHEDULED**[9-Feb-2012] Coldplay @ Jimmy Kimmel Live, Los Angeles, CA, USA (airing 26th February

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Is there any possible way to get Priority tickets still? I have a General ticket, but am trying to get Priority.


Also, so just to make sure...we're not allowed to bring a regular point and shoot camera? But they do allow cell phones? I am bringing my cell phone which has a camera in it. =p

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Well in my line there is a total of 9 people. I have general tickets. There are two different lines. Mine is right on hawthorne ave. next to the parking. I am not sure where the one for priority is at. There were security guards that directed us as soon as we parked though.

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You guys go check right now! They are available! :)


awwww damn it :lol:, I'd been trying after I seen your post, then walked away from computer and when those last tickets came up. Ah well, I saw them last night, I shouldn't be greedy but they will be only a few minutes away...:laugh3:

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i requested 1 ticket literally 10 minutes ago, but it's "pending". i guess i missed that SMALL window of opportunity because i'm sure that's code for "CROSS YOUR FINGERS, BUT DON'T COUNT ON IT."


but i guess i'll be checking non-stop for the next hour.


DOES ANYONE ELSE HAVE AN EXTRA TICKET THEY CAN'T FIGURE OUT WHO TO GIVE TO?! text me at 951 454 4374 -- the name is rad!


another problem would be that i wouldn't be able to get there by a little over 5pm... so that probably rules out priority.


let me know if anyone wants to make a drug deal ;)

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