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Coldplay 'Regret' Naming Album Mylo Xyloto


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The relationship between Chris and the media is like that of Sheldon and Leonard from the Big Bang theory; Chris needs a sign to hold up whenever he's being sarcastic becuase the media doesn't get it and takes it seriously




Nice to see someone else compare Chris to Sheldon too,lol. We compare him and Jonny to Sheldon and Leonard a lot.:lol:

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^me too!! I just imagined this and it was rather cute :wacky:


OMG that means that Gwyneth is...Amy! hahahaha :laugh3:


Hahahaha! Hadn't thought that far ahead,lol. Hmmm...well, Gwyn WAS a brunette originally, I think. But judging by the two kids, it seems the similarities end there.;)


*imagines Gwyneth singing 'Soft Kitty' to Chris*

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"You know you're addicted...etc..."


Sheldon is also really tall and even dresses a little like Chris. Not as cute, but WAY more neurotic! And Leonard looks nothing like Jonny, but he's the problem-solving diplomat, much as I imagine Jonny to be.


And there's LOTS of geek humour that I suspect these 4 UCL grads would get, especially Jonny and Will.

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I'm looking it up later! I have to go and get a shower etc and go out to lunch with my Dad... I am certain he wouldn't understand that I had to watch a tv show because ... Coldplay.... LOL! But then he does know me pretty well. LOL.. :D see you guys later..

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Even if you pronounce it as "x" [ksailoto] it still sounds pretty much the same :D but I don't get it how English speakers can't get the hang of pronounciation :|


and I want to punch everyone who pronounces it wrongly.



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