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[9-Sep-2012] Coldplay @ Paralympics Closing Ceremony, London, UK (please post your reviews for Wiki,

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Last night was amazing, one of Coldplay's best performances ever. Chris was spot on during the first few songs. And that moment when Jonny joined the Para Orchestra in Strawberry Swing... Stunning. What a song that is. They need to add it to their setlist again. ♥


The only thing I'm worried about: wasn't this a bit much?

Ah who cares. They nailed it.


(Yes it's Monday, it's raining and I'm procrastinating.)

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I don't wanna look pathetic but ... loving this band since the biginning (more or less) ... yesterday night was kind of incredible "thing" to watch! Congrats to the whole organisation and so proud Coldplay were there!! :) :kiss::D


PS: ... Maybe for the first time I loved Charlie Brown, Paradise and Viva la Vida all together .... ;)!!

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ok finally got to see it in full! that was so beautiful and amazing and epic and well it was Coldplay being Coldplay. because they are always amazing and epic! i got chills when they played the scientist and they showed the clips. and the ending was perfect. I also loved how they had politik in the background as the final fireworks were done. It was just wonderful.


So PROUD to be a Coldplayer. So PROUD of our boys, they were perfect :heart:

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Coldplay Joined By Rihanna, Jay-Z To Close Paralympics


Paradise rockers put on an impressive 16-song set to end the event...



09:39, Monday, 10 September 2012


Coldplay brought the London 2012 Paralympic Games to spectacular close last night (9th September), performing a sixteen song set - featuring collaborations with Rihanna and Jay-Z.


Chris Martin and Co were watched by 80,000 people at the Olympic Stadium in Stratford, East London, opening their show with Us Against The World.


Their set, which featured as part of the three-hour closing ceremony, also included the Coldplay classics Yellow, The Scientist and Clocks.




RiRi, who was dressed head-to-toe in red, made a grand entrance to join the band on stage, arriving on a wooden ship to sing their hit duet, Princess of China.


The Bajan babe then went on to perform her own track We Found Love, while Jay-Z hooked up with both Rihanna and Coldplay for a rendition of Run This Town.


Jigga also joined Coldplay for a version of their song Paradise, before wrapping their set with Every Teardrop is a Waterfall.




Coldplay previously described their stint closing the Paralympics as "the biggest night of our lives."


Rihanna also added: "Being at the Paralympics is the biggest honour. These athletes are gladiators and a true inspiration to me."


Team GB stars David Weir and Sarah Storey - who both took home four gold medals each - also played a part in the ceremony, carrying the Union Jack into the stadium.


Their fellow 4,200 Paralympians were then gathered on stage in the middle of the venue, with an impressive firework display marking the end of the sporting event.


Coldplay's London 2012 Paralympic closing ceremony is as follows:


1. 'Us Against the World'

2. 'Yellow'

3. 'Up in Flames'

4. 'Paradise'

5. '42'

6. 'God Put a Smile Upon My Face'

7. 'Clocks'

8. 'Charlie Brown'

9. 'Princess of China'

10. 'Strawberry Swing'

11. 'We Found Love'

12. 'Viva La Vida'

13. 'Run This Town' (featuring Jay-Z and Rihanna)

14. 'Paradise' (featuring Jay-Z)

15. 'The Scientist'

16. 'Every Teardrop is a Waterfall'



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Paralympics Closing Ceremony peaks with 7.5m


The curtain fell on the 2012 Paralympics with a peak of nearly 7.5m viewers - forcing The X Factor to a new five-year low.


The spectacular finale to Britain’s summer of sport was entitled Festival of the Flame and featured performances from Coldplay and US popstar Rihanna.


Coverage of the show, directed by Kim Gavin, begun at 7pm with an audience of 2.66m (13.02%) and climbed to 6.26m (23.98%) as the celebrations got underway at 8.30pm from the Olympic Stadium.


The event hit a high of 7.48m (28.74%) viewers over the five-minute period from 9.05pm as Coldplay took to the stage for the first time, according to overnight Barb figures supplied by Attentional.



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Coldplay show sparks Twitter debate


Viewers took to Twitter to celebrate a fiery and colourful end to the Games, with much of the comment focusing on the prominence given to Coldplay.


As the band went through a full set of their hits, including their duet with Rihanna, Princess of China, opinion seemed to polarise between fans and those who thought it was all a bit much.


@NaomiMc was one of many who claimed Coldplay had hijacked the show, saying: "There seems to be a Coldplay concert on where the closing ceremony should be."


Labour MP Stella Creasy tweeted: "there's flame throwers near coldplay's guitars. I repeat flamethrowers *contemplates how quickly could get to stratford to rush stage*"


Controversial comedian Frankie Boyle referred to Coldplay's performance, joking: "The deaf athletes are having the last laugh."


But Radio 1 DJ Fearne Cotton tweeted: "The Paralympics closing ceremony with Coldplay is bloody brilliant! Rihanna too wooop!"


Olympics double gold winner Mo Farah tweeted: "Oh my days! Paralympics closing ceremony is amazing..!! Jay Z Coldplay and Rihanna!!"


As a gigantic heart of fire lit up the Olympic Stadium and performers danced in furry costumes actress Jennifer Saunders used her @ferrifrump account to say things had "all got a bit pagan".


Broadcaster Caitlin Moran said: "You could show any three minutes of this Closing Ceremony to vouch for humanity at any putative Intergalactic Trial."


Jay-Z also performed during the ceremony.



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We have to remember that this was the Paralympic Closing Ceremony and not a Coldplay concert! The fact that they played a lot of their songs was a fantastic bonus since I'm a big fan! I noticed the songs were chosen very carefully to fit into the occasion so no Fix You, In My Place and Politik to name but a few.


What makes this concert one of the best ones ever was the ability to use the pyrotechnic equipment which I'm sure was going to be used for the Closing Ceremony in any case but Coldplay, big stadiums and pyrotechics was going to be a spectacular affair. In fact, I really don't think Coldplay could ever beat the amazing lighting and fireworks last night. The weather was mild and got a little chilly near the end but with little wind.


I actually loved the fact that for the first time in years(!), they actually played the songs as it sounds on the CD apart from God Put A Smile where they always do some sort of off-beat version. Rihanna was....Rihanna and Jay-Z was...Jay-Z.


There were a few people bemused but there was a good smattering of Coldplay fans where I was sitting. Elderly couples clapping to Viva La Vida, kids jumping up and down to Charlie Brown. It was definitely situations which you would never find again but it was all the more heartening.


All-in-all, a magnificent Paralympic Closing Ceremony topped off with Coldplay, Rihanna and Jay-Z doing what they know best!

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Just finished watching it! They sure made up for not mentioning (as far as I know) Coldplay in the Olympic opening and closing ceremonies. Haha! But they should've had Tim Rice-Oxley (Keane's pianist) play the introduction to Clocks. You know how funny that would've been?


for those of you who don't know already:


Tim Rice-Oxley was once asked by Chris to join Coldplay


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for those of you who don't know already:


Tim Rice-Oxley was once asked by Chris to join Coldplay


In some of the early Coldplay documentaries, Chris says he tried to write with his friend Tim, but it didn't work out. This is before Coldplay. So I'm wondering if you have a good source that Tim Rice-Oaxley was invited to join Coldplay. I really don't trust Wikipedia.

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Paralympics: Coldplay delight musician Lloyd Coleman




Clarinetist Lloyd Coleman (top centre) performs in the British Paraorchestra with guest star Chris Martin from Coldplay (seated on stage, front right, back to camera)


A young musician from Bridgend has been speaking of his delight at sharing a stage with rock stars Coldplay at the Paralympics closing ceremony.


Lloyd Coleman, 20, who is partially deaf and blind, played clarinet in the British Paraorchestra created by conductor Charles Hazlewood.


"They were incredibly kind and incredibly open to us," said the young musician of headline act Coldplay.


Mr Coleman had previously composed new music for the Cultural Olympiad.


A short set of songs by Coldplay formed one of the highlights of a spectacular Paralympic closing ceremony at the Olympic Stadium in Stratford, east London on Sunday.



Mr Coleman told BBC Radio Wales how the orchestra was pleased to accompany the band as part of their appearance.


"I was performing with the British Paraorchestra, formed a year ago by the conductor Charles Hazlewood to provide a platform for musicians with disabilities," he said.


"Coldplay were very kind and invited us to perform with them at the ceremony and we provided an introduction to the song Strawberry Swing which was just fantastic.



The young musician said it had been a "privilege" to work with Coldplay and lead singer Chris Martin in particular.


"He came and spent a day with us in north London," said Mr Coleman.


"We threw a few ideas around and we weren't quite sure what we were going to do at that point but it soon became clear that they were very interested in collaborating with the orchestra.


"They were incredibly kind and incredibly open to us and allowed us to basically do our own arrangement of their song - we really enjoyed playing with them.




Chris Martin of Coldplay welcomes special guest Rihanna to the stage

"I know they are a kind of Marmite band - love/hate - but actually I've always liked Coldplay and was delighted when I realised the ceremony would be based around Coldplay's music.


"I think that was a very good move by the organisers because sometimes these things can become a little bit overblown and overlong.


"Just to have what was essentially a Coldplay concert but then bring in all these other elements like the Paraorchestra, Rihanna and other artists too, I think it worked really well last night and I hope the public enjoyed it as much as we did."



Mr Coleman said it was very poignant to perform at the moment when the Paralympic flag was lowered, and that it was sad to see the end of an event that he like millions of others had followed avidly.



“Start Quote


This year's Paralympic games have been a real game changer in perceptions of disability and attitudes towards disability”


Lloyd Coleman

He was also confident that the Paralympics had displayed disabled people in a positive light.


"This year's Paralympic games have been a real game changer in perceptions of disability and attitudes towards disability," he said.


"How appropriate is it that that has happened in the country where the Paralympic movement first started. I think that's absolutely wonderful.


"People with disabilities have some amazing things to offer. Some people might think this has been said time and time again, that the message is getting slightly old now and that we've heard it all before.


"I do know people who still just have misconceptions and still haven't had their eyes opened to the extraordinary things that people with disabilities can do.


"I introduced some of my housemates to blind football which they'd never seen before … they were absolutely amazed by it.


"It's that coverage and exposure which is needed so that people can have their attitudes towards disabilities changed."


The accolade comes after Mr Coleman was asked to compose a piece of Olympic-themed music performed by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales during 2012 as part of the Cultural Olympiad.



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they are getting really good reviews! Just read a few of them! British press is usually so critical of coldplay but they just can't help but like yesterday's performance!





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In some of the early Coldplay documentaries, Chris says he tried to write with his friend Tim, but it didn't work out. This is before Coldplay. So I'm wondering if you have a good source that Tim Rice-Oaxley was invited to join Coldplay. I really don't trust Wikipedia.


It's in this interview. Tim said it around 9 mins.;)


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Coldplay At The Paralympics - Their Finest Hour?


By Dan StubbsPosted on 09/10/12 at 11:37:55 am


On August 12, the Olympics closed with a celebration of British music that was, depending largely on your musical taste, a shining reflection of British pop or one step up from the wedding disco from hell. Coldplay – arguably Britain’s biggest global group – were notably absent.




Last night’s Paralympics closing ceremony – styled as a ‘festival of flame’ – exercised the principle of quality over quantity. Instead of the Olympics’s musical revue-style variety show, director Kim Gavin turned over a huge portion of the show to Coldplay, who performed a 16-track set including guest spots from singer Rihanna, joining the band for ‘Princess Of China’ and ‘Run This Town’, and Jay-Z, who guested on the latter and ‘Paradise’. The performance was wrapped around a themed, pagan-style show based on the passing of the seasons, making this a totally unique – and totally bizarre – big budget, high concept Coldplay concert with a cast of 1200. Eat your heart out, Lady Gaga.




In reviewing the performance,The Telegraph describe Coldplay as a “Marmite band” – ie, one of those acts you either love or hate. I’m not sure they’re right. Coldplay are a band it’s easy to feel totally indifferent about. They release a new record: you give it a spin, but you’re not counting down the days to release. They headline a festival: you watch a few tracks, but linger near the back so you can go and check something else out too. Their music is – to use a meek compliment – nice. Chris Martin seems nice. They’re a nice band.




Coldplay's Paralympic games appearance proved that there’s more to them than that. There are few acts that could imbue this event with the right sense of occasion, few that have the global reach necessary for an event that’s being broadcast, simultaneously, around the world, and few who could rope in the same calibre of big name mates. Who else but Coldplay have Rihanna and Jay-Z – two of the biggest names in the world – on speed dial?




What shone through in Coldplay’s performance is how utterly at ease playing to huge, arena-sized crowds they are, and with it, a sense that they’re not so aloof as to feel like they’re not delighted to be there. They played a crowd-pleasing set packed with more hits than we remember them having, and described the performance as “the biggest night of our lives”.




The Olympics and the Paralympics have given Britain much to be proud about. Coldplay can consider themselves a welcome addition to that list. We asked @NME's Twitter followers to share their own thoughts on the performance, which you can check out below, along with a few reactions from famous faces.


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVyL1T67CcU]Jay Z ft Coldplay - Paradise - Paralympics Closing Ceremony 2012 - (9-9-2012) HQ - YouTube[/ame]



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