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[9-Sep-2012] Coldplay @ Paralympics Closing Ceremony, London, UK (please post your reviews for Wiki,

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Run This Town Jay Z - Featuring Rihanna & Coldplay | Paralympic Closing Ceremony Live London 2012 - YouTube[/url]



He's a legend. If I will ever have children or at least a nephew or niece I will tell them stories about Will Champion : D He was epic the whole night, especially during Viva La Vida, GPASUYF and ETIAW. He was playing that drums so fuckings hard. It's a shame they didn't show much of Coldplay on stage. I wanted to see Him sing on Viva La Vida before and after the song but the camera operator(s) seemed a little hmm... sleepy ? I loved how he played guitar and sang on ETIAW. That was so lovely and energetic.

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Guest howyousawtheworld

Superb! Maybe a bit too much for some but there was no denying that Coldplay were the PERFECT act to close London 2012. They utilised the LED pixels (one of the most ingenious innovations in Olympic ceremonies ever) in the stands to great effect and filled the stadium with their music with ease. But for me it was Strawberry Swing and the "summer" segment that was the winner. Along with the Paraorchestra (who were quite stunning alongside Coldplay) it was beautiful and was a fitting closing anthem for London 2012 that recaptured the spirit of Danny Boyle's Olympic opening ceremony all those weeks back. Ended the most incredible summer the UK has ever had in the most perfect manner.


Proud to be British.

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He changed the lyrics to fit the occasion. He didn't mess it up.


Hmmm, i thought I heard a minor mistake... I need to listen to it again(I'm not talking about the rio is in sight.) :P


edit: OK, so i listened to it again and you're right. I guess i just thought it sounded...weird because of him repeating "generation" twice. But i get it now. :)

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