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The Coldplaying Scrapbook III


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hahhaa i laughed loudly when i see that : dazzled : smile there :awesome: :dazzled:

sorry other scrappy writers but i think Celine's pages are the best so far :nod: :dazzled: :awesome:

is someone gonna give this scrapbook to coldplay at the end of its tour?

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Thank you everyone, I'm glad you enjoyed the pages! Btw I'm sorry i haven't given updates for 3 days as I was away, but Scrappy was sent on Monday. However as i was gone, my dad took care of it and he sent it as registered mail, which means April will most likely have to be there and sign something to get the book (that's how it works in France at least, but tbh i'm not sure about other countries), or go to the nearest post office if not here at time of delivery.

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Aw thanks :cheesy:

Will you now please explain me why Edinburgh is "Guyland"? :wink3:
hehehe well Edinburgh is in Scotland and Scotland is the land of Mr Guy Berryman :awesome:

(oh and also, there are tons of cute guys in Edinburgh :awesome: i went there for a couple days and omg :awesome: )



Oh, btw, about the scrapbook: it was sent on July 1st and left France on July 5th. It usually takes a week or so to make it to Australia, it should be there this week. April is also currently very busy with a Coldplay-related project (a book made of fan letters!), but as the deadline to send her the letters is July 15, I guess she'll be able to take care of Scrappy when she gets it :)

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