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The Coldplaying Scrapbook III


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It's here!

The postman left me a note saying that I've got a package to pick up from the post office :nice: I'll pick it up as soon as the thunderstorm and rain stops.


Edit: I've got it now! Oh all the pages are so pretty! I'm not very creative so lets see what I come up with..:D

And thank you for the card, Celien! :nice:

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So far I've got three people from Australia on the list. Do you guys think it's enough to send the scrapbook up there? I imagine sending cost will be quite expensive for sender and the person in Australia who gets so unlucky to send it back to Europe or to Asia. What to do about that ...




Are there more people from Australia who want to join? Now is your chance

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Australia Post is already expensive, if it is over a kg it will be even more costly. $35-40 if it is sent to Asia with no tracking. To European countries this will shoot up to $55-65. That is just assuming it is within the 1-1.5kg limit...

That is Air Mail btw, I would never send it by Sea Mail


I think we would have to be sending it to Asia next. I could send it over but as I'm a student it's something I'd rather not be forced to do. However I'm not sure if the others are in the same situation

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Just got Scrappy!!! :dance::dance:


edit: Scrappy is beautiful :wacky: I only have a presentation to prepare for Monday and then I'm free from most of my obligations so I should be able to send it by next Friday. I have some ideas already :D

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