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MX self-made stuff


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Wooooooow u're a true artist !!! I don't know how old are you but you should totally find a way to send these to Paris (the artist working with coldplay on MX) I'm sure he will get you to do an internship with him or whatever !!!!!!!!

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You should make a business out of this and sell awesome MX furniture to fellow Coldplayers, I mean, if your willing to give some of them up(I know I wouldn't be:lol: )!!! These so well made that I'm sure loads of people would love to buy them!!!

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We will ship to everyone in the world, but it is so favorable... You can write us the size of your furniture or whatever you want, tell us your favorite songs and we'll made your personal MX-furniture or whatever.


Damn, I wish you could paint my guitar like that!! Too bad you don't live in the Netherlands :cry:

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My artwork


This is going to be a bit frustrating, not actually sure how to upload images.


Anyway here's something I made: I'm a Residential Assistant at a Hall of Residence and I decorated my floor with MX inspired art. This is just one of the decorations




How do you upload files directly to this forum?

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Hello Coldplayers, i will check if i can ship this to every one in the world!


If it's possible i will paint everything for you!


See you soon!


Chris amazing work... you are a true fan who is inspiring others first with your patches now the furniture... keep up the good work... and thanks in advance for shipping us all shelves... :P


Oh all that I know

There's nothing here to run from

Cause yeaa

Everybody here's got an MX inspired Shelf to lean on... :P

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I was inspired by the Mylo Xyloto artwork to paint my keyboard (and give it a lid), but to use song titles etc from my band...




...and before MX, I did a Viva-style guitar for my sister.




Sorry in advance for any irrelevance!

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After the rack nobody can stop us... ;)


It's only the beginning!








If you have self-made MX stuff, post it here!


would do almost anything to get my hands on that! lucky for you going to Switzerland isn't one of them :D


great stuff u got there, wish i could paint like that...

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Ever since seeing Chris' guitar during the Viva tour I've always made my instruments into ever-changing collages… all the viva stuff was so simple with all the brushstrokes that it taught me to be expressive and not take anything too seriously. Some people are so uptight about the clothes they wear and keeping their guitar in perfect condition. Once you start slapping paint on your guitar, throwing patches on a few old shirts, and strumming along with friends for fun, it becomes impossible for the music not to reflect that honest and open realization of your creative being.

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