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Of Monsters and Men


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A six-piece indie folk / indie pop band from Iceland whose debut album My Head is an Animal was just released a few weeks ago (though released last year in Iceland). Have been listening to it constantly since then. Absolutely love it!






Anyone else a fan?



And if there is already a thread for this, please merge where appropriate. :)

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Has anyone seen them live?


My friend's going to it, asked me if I wanted to go, and I like "Yeah sure, one of them has a toothbrush in his pocket, I'd be a fool to miss it."


Just wondered whether they were any good, aside from their dental practicalities.

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I haven't but going by how their songs sound on the album, I'm assuming they'll sound pretty epic live.


I didn't know about this toothbrush thing!


Yeah! They were at Reading and Leeds doing an acoustic set, and the beardy lead singer had a toothbrush in his pocket. I told the lead singer in my band he had to do the same, I think he told me to piss off. :cry:


(1000th post, woo.)

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