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Hello from Ireland!


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Finally took the plunge today to sign up after several months of lurking from the shadows.


My name is Ciarán, im 20 from Belfast, Ireland.

Im part of the (seemingly forgotten :P) fans who were forced to travel to see the MX tour. Caught the shows in London & Cologne and I was totally blown away. Well worth the hassle and I'd happily do it again!


Looking forward to meeting some fellow Coldplayers on here :D

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Hello there and welcome to Coldplaying.com!! Congrats on your shows! I've only been able to see them once, but it was the most amazing experience of my life, undoubtedly. :D And despite having to travel, I just must add you come from such a gorgeous country!! :nice:


Many thanks to you all! And Éire also thanks you for your compliments :laugh3:

And im glad my other favourite bands (Muse & Radiohead) also seem to be appreciated here! :D

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