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London: 'Soldier beheaded' in street in suspected terrorist attack near Woolwich

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[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUGKOFN5aFg]Breaking News !! Woolwich 'Soldier Dead After Terror Attack' - YouTube[/ame]


London: 'Soldier beheaded' in street in suspected terrorist attack near Woolwich


PM asks Home Secretary to chair meeting of Cobra, the Government's emergency committee


A man believed to be a soldier has been beheaded in an attack on a street near the Woolwich barracks in London, witnesses report. Metropolitan Police Commander Simon Letchford confirmed tonight that two men were shot by armed officers.


Prime Minister David Cameron has described the killing as "truly shocking" and has asked the Home Secretary Theresa May to chair a meeting of Cobra, the Government's emergency committee dealing with incidents that have implications for national security. He is returning to London early from an EU meeting.


The Government is reported to be treating it as a suspected terrorist incident. Mrs May tonight confirmed she has been briefed by the Director General of the Security Service MI5 and the Met commissioner Sir Barnard Hogan-Howe on the "sickening and barbaric'' incident in Woolwich.


She said: ""It has been confirmed to me that a man has been brutally murdered this afternoon in south-east London. Two other men were shot by armed police and they are currently receiving treatment for their injuries."


The Press Association is reporting that one Whitehall source said the attackers were heard to shout 'Allah Akbar'.




Metropolitan Police Commander Simon Letchford said in a statement: "At approximately 1420 we were called to reports of an assault in John Wilson Street, Woolwich, where one man was being assaulted by two other men.


"A number of weapons were reported as being used in the attack, and this included reports of a firearm. Officers including local Greenwich officers arrived at the scene and shortly after firearms officers attended the scene. On their arrival at the scene they found a man, who was later pronounced dead. At this early stage I am unable to provide any further information about the man who has died. Two men, who we believe from early reports to have been carrying weapons, were shot by police. They have both been taken to separate London hospitals. They are receiving treatment for their injuries."


Several witnesses described seeing a "beheading" as a man was reportedly attacked with a machete-style weapon and dumped in a south-east London street. Woolwich and Greenwich MP Nick Raynsford said he understood that a serving soldier was dead. The Ministry of Defence have not confirmed whether the dead man was a soldier.


London Air Ambulance confirmed a man was found dead as one patient was airlifted from the scene, while another was taken away by road ambulance. One witness, identified only as James, said he and his partner saw two men attack a young man aged around 20 like he was "a piece of meat".


"They were hacking at this poor guy, literally," he told LBC radio. "They were hacking at him, chopping him, cutting him. These two guys were crazed. They were just animals. They dragged him from the pavement and dumped his body in the middle of the road and left his body there."


"They were oblivious to anything, they were more worried about having their photo taken, running up and down the road."


Local head teacher David Dixon told the BBC News Channel he walked out of the school gates and saw a body lying in the road a short distance away, he then heard gunshots. "All the traffic had stopped. There were gunshots after that so I am not sure about the situation after," he told BBC News.


"But all I needed to know was that there was an emergency and we needed to go into our emergency procedures to make sure that the children were as safe as possible. That was my main priority. We got all the staff to get the children in because some of them were outside doing activities. We locked all the gates. I and some of my senior staff liaised with police to find out what we needed to do after that."


He said the air ambulance had landed in the playground of the school.



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I really don't know what to say; I'm in total disbelief.


That video just makes me sick.


Also, if you see a man laying in the street dead, and a man stood in front of you with blooded hands and weapons, surely the last thing you'd do is get your phone out and film him :o.


RIP to the soldier :(

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Wahey, found a whole load of closet racists on my Facebook to defriend. Had a guy saying we should just bomb Afghanistan and start again by sending all the foreign people in our country there. Then he went on about vengeance, etc.


As for the event it's crazy they got the video footage. Strange and depressing story but I'm consoled by the fact that these things don't happen more often. Given how the media portrays the people of this country, particularly those who weren't born here, you'd imagine these outbursts would happen more regularly. Not as gruesome as this one and with the hands on approach (bombings, etc would be more likely) of course, but outbursts of some form. People are better than you realise.

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For whatever reason it didn't shock me at first that people were casually standing around watching these guys talk to others holding bloody meat cleavers, god knows why this didn't shock me, thinking of it now you would have no idea it was pre-meditated to kill a soldier, they could just be maniacs who killed a random guy and you could be next. I would have got the fuck out of there and urged others to do the same as I did so.

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Well found a few things because none of you helped me.


They wrecked that car by running it into the soldier, it then bounced back off those 2 posts holding up a sign (But hell that is some wreckage, surprised the attackers were ok) then getting out and pushing him up against the fence to first start butchering, then dragged him from there out into the road where the trail of blood along the footpath is, and I'm guessing the beheading happened in the road.


Some confusion over the following things, apparently a lot of people thought they were helping the bloodied man after a crash, plenty of people did flee when they could clearly see them hacking at the man. Apparently the video was taken when that attacker told someone to get out their camera phone and record what he had to say, sounds about right I guess. If someone with a meat cleaver tells me to do something, I'm doing it.

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Woolwich attack: MI5 'offered job to suspect'




Woolwich attack: MI5 'offered job to suspect'


MI5 asked Woolwich murder suspect Michael Adebolajo if he wanted to work for them about six months before the killing, a childhood friend has said.


Abu Nusaybah told BBC Newsnight his friend - one of two men arrested after Drummer Lee Rigby's murder in south-east London on Wednesday - had rejected the approach from the security service.


The BBC could not obtain any confirmation from Whitehall sources. Abu Nusaybah was arrested at the BBC after giving the interview. Newsnight reporter Richard Watson said after the interview had concluded he left the studio to find officers from the Metropolitan Police counter terrorism unit waiting to arrest Abu Nusaybah.


The Met confirmed a 31-year-old man had been arrested at 21:30 BST on Friday in relation to suspected terrorism offences and search warrants were being executed at two homes in east London. The arrest was not directly related to the murder of Drummer Rigby, it said.


The soldier was killed in front of dozens of people near Woolwich Barracks, where he was based, on Wednesday afternoon. Mr Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale, who was also arrested at the scene, remain in hospital after being shot by police.


In his Newsnight interview, Abu Nusaybah said he thought "a change" had taken place in his friend after a trip to Kenya last year. He said Mr Adebolajo had told him he travelled there "to study", but instead, was part of a group rounded up by "Kenyan troops" and interrogated in a prison cell.


During his detention he said he was "beaten quite badly", Abu Nusaybah said, and in his opinion, his friend had also been subjected to sexual abuse, although he was too "ashamed" to say exactly what happened.


After this, he became withdrawn "and less talkative - he wasn't his bubbly self", Abu Nusaybah said, adding: "His mind was somewhere else."


He also said Mr Adebolajo was "stopped" upon his return to the UK from Kenya and was later "followed up by MI5" who were "knocking on his door".


He was "basically being harassed", Abu Nusaybah said. He added: "His wording was, 'They are bugging me - they won't leave me alone.' Initially they wanted to ask him if he knew certain individuals. But after him saying that he didn't know these individuals, what he said was they asked him if he would be interested in working for them. He was explicit in that he refused to work for them but he did confirm he didn't know the individuals."


Reporter Richard Watson said that, in general terms, it was not out of the ordinary for the security service to approach people for information or even to act as covert sources. Mr Adebolajo, 28, originally from Romford, east London, and fellow suspect Michael Adebowale, 22, of Greenwich, south-east London, had been known to MI5 for eight years, Whitehall sources told the BBC on Thursday.


Two women, aged 29 and 31, arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to murder, have been released without charge, but a man, 29, remains in custody. Speaking about the fight against the rise of the extremist ideology, Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police Sir Peter Fahy told the BBC there had been a "steady stream of plots", which had on the whole been foiled by police.


But he said the police and the security services were "particularly concerned" about people travelling from Britain to conflict areas such as Mali, Syria and Iraq and the increase in extremist websites. Since the murder there has been an sharp increase in the number of in anti-Muslim incidents, according to the organisation Faith Matters, which works to reduce extremism.


Before the attack about four to eight cases a day were reported to its helpline, but the group said more than 150 incidents had been reported in the last few days, including attacks on mosques.


On Friday, Drummer Rigby's wife Rebecca, the mother of his two-year-old son, said she had been aware of the dangers of her husband serving in countries where there was armed conflict, including Afghanistan, but added: "You don't expect it to happen when he's in the UK. You think they're safe."


She said: "I love Lee and always will. I am proud to be his wife. He was a devoted father to our son Jack and we will both miss him terribly."


Drummer Rigby's stepfather, Ian Rigby, said: "We would like to say 'Goodnight Lee, rest in peace our fallen soldier. We love you loads and words cannot describe how loved and sadly missed you will be'."


Mr Rigby added that his stepson "adored and cared a lot for his family, he was very much a family man, looking out for his wife, young son Jack, younger sisters, whom in turn they looked up to him".



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