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Obscure characteristics you appreciate

Prince Myshkin

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I'm talking in relationships, or possible relationships here. When you like someone it's common that people grow to appreciate a persons unique physical 'flaws' (I use the term loosely, for obvious reasons), differences or simply things that are specific to that person.


For me I really, really like good posture. I don't know what it is and it's certainly not a deal breaker for a relationship, but I really like it. If I'm in a relationship with a person who has bad posture it makes no difference to me at all and I have no negativity towards it at all. I'm not sure what the reasoning behind it is. It might be because the first girl I had a crush on had really good posture in class. Or it might be that I don't have the best posture.


Anyway, what obscure characteristics do you appreciate in a person.


(It doesn't have to be too obscure, I'm sure posture isn't too obscure, but just not something like their eyes. Everyone likes eyes)

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I like big hands, not sure why, more comfortable to hold for me. Plus I have quite big hands for a girl so it's weird having bigger hands than them.


I can relate to that. I'm a larger woman in general (I'm 5'8", and despite my weight loss, my frame probably won't allow me to be a particularly small person weight wise), and that includes hands. My ring size is 10 1/2 (don't know how that relates to UK sizing, but trust me, it's not small).


I love to see a girl wearing a bun. Assuming she doesn't have goblin/elvish ears, that is.


I can accommodate you on that. :charming: /kidding.


Anyway, for some reason, I have a weird attraction to calves on men. :thinking: I don't understand how this relates to anything, but it happens.


Also, I have a soft spot for lisps. (By that, I mean the soft ones, not the slushy lateral lisps or the ones where people are spitting everywhere.) This would probably have something to do with the fact that I have one. :embarrassed:

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