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Official remix single of Midnight (Giorgio Moroder remix) released!


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At the moment its UK/European ITunes only because it just turned Monday here but I will update the link later/tomorrow for you guys in US.


Midnight (album version) is available (US later like above) but its not letting me download it because of the pre-order which i'm guessing will be fixed later but should be ok if you haven't pre-ordered Ghost Stories!


For those who have downloaded it, what do you think? As I mentioned on the main site, straight away its up there with the Thin White Duke remix of Talk, so brilliant and over 8 mins long :D :D

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Midnight is #9 on UK ITunes already!!! :stunned: This includes the remix downloads, people who pre-ordered Ghost Stories will have the album version Midnight in their download lists now :) US will come later :P

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Ive listened to it a couple more times now...and I gotta say, the second half isnt very good imo....:(


But I really like the first part with the less-layered vocals and the piano bass as mentioned above.

The original will always be a masterpiece!

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