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Official remix single of Midnight (Giorgio Moroder remix) released!


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Both Midnight and the Remix are available on the US iTunes store now. Links:






EDIT: Also, anyone who has the album bought version of Midnight, what's different about it that makes it shorter? My guess is that the few seconds of silence where the band is standing on the hillside at the end of the video is cut off. Because taking that out, plus the beginning tittle and ending credit seem to get it pretty close to the album time.

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Midnight shows up as 'Purchased' under Ghost Stories now, but is nowhere else to be found on my phone. Uh-oh.


Really liking the remix, though. Never been a big fan of them with Coldplay. So this is a wonderful change!


EDIT: Aaaand Midnight finally showed up in my music collection! Immediately after I got the email from iTunes, nonetheless.

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