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top five bands at the moment barring Cplay!


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These are the bands I'm listening to the most right now, not necessarily my all-time favorites or anything (since you said "at the moment" :P )


1. The Beach Boys

2. Godspeed You Black Emperor!

3. Boards of Canada

4. Marvin Gaye

5. Do Make Say Think




Nirvana is over-rated but they were still an awesome band.

The Darkness eat the fattest fatty of all time.

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My top 5 bands ? Tough one... And I DO hate Nirvana ! Glad Kurt Cobain died ! Sorry fans, but this is my opinion...


1 - Coldplay

2 - Travis

3 - Starsailor

4 - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

5 - Placebo


*Bonus - David Bowie. He will always be on my top list !

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