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A love from Malaysia!


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Hey guys, my name is Ulwan Mokhtar, a Muslim born and raised in Malaysia. I am actually a die hard fan since AROBTTH era (but a bit late 2003 I think) and that time I was 11 years old. Was raised by their old sounds but now grew and found no problem with their new musics at all. I enjoyed the 2012 Live blu-ray so much that it inspired me a lot to be cheerful instead of being a lone person. But at the time Ghost Stories came, a lot of reminisces going on through me remembering how the old me used to be and that is why I think the new album would be my number one album of Coldplay (which previously was AROBTTH).

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Welcome, Ulwan. Enjoy the forum!:D


Thanks, guys! I already enjoyed it. Ghost Stories (plus the bonus tracks and a little love from Atlas) had already been my no 1 album of all time. Such a personal, heartbreaking album I could even resist to skip one track.

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Welcome to Coldplaying Ulwan, Atlas is quite a transitioning track into Ghost Stories, you can just see the progression :) Ghost Stories is one my favourite albums already too, whats your favourite track so far, True Love? :)

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