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Zane Lowe Ghost Stories Pre-Release Album Play on BBC Radio One (Week of May 12th)


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Zane Lowe on BBC Radio 1 will be playing new tracks from Coldplay's "Ghost Stories" all this week starting from 7pm GMT/2pm EST!!! - @coldplaying


Where to listen

BBCR1 Web Player


VLC Address for alternate streaming/recording: http://bbc.co.uk/radio/listen/live/r1.asx




So, if you want to record the stream here is what you need/what to do:



Need: VLC (on your computer), the stream address provided




(1)Download VLC

(2)Copy VLC address provided

(3)Open VLC

(4)In VLC>Ctrl+N>Paste address>Press Enter

(5)Stream should be playing after a short few seconds of buffering

(6)Press record on your VLC player (might have to find it under settings, see below)


*It seems ppl are having a hard time finding the record button. It's not there by default, you'll have to bring it out.


-Tools>Customize Interface>On the left, scroll down until you find the record button (its a big red button)>Drag it onto a space in your toolbar (on the right, I put mine on "Line 2") and press enter






It should now be there


(7)Press the button again when you're done recording. It should be saved in your music folder by default

(8)Remember how to do this because it's very useful for recording radio interviews or streams of any sort

(9)Eat chocolate and listen to more Coldplay



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On iTunes, the albums usually stream as one giant song cover to cover.


If it's a FIRST PLAY, however, it will stream like a playlist with each song in order but with the ability to skip up to 6 songs every hour (kind of like a radio station on iTunes Radio, except just the album on loop.)


I know this because I've listened to many FIRST PLAYS (which work like that) but also to iTunes streams, which would be the one giant track of the album.

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