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Jonny's full name


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and does anyone know the exact time of his birth :P LOL :D :P - ok how about Chris' and Will's full names


I could probably find out ;) :rolleyes:


I just posted Chris's full name and Will is just William Champion. He hasn't got a middle name, like me :D

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I didn't see that you posted Chris' name before I answered - getting older and blind you know ... and reading doesn't go too well either these days :D :P


You´re not getting old.. that´s your pervness that forbbids you to see what others type here :P


Just kidding sis ;)

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His parents were prob. indecisive


John? Anthony?

What about both? :idea2:


What if his first name was Anthony? Would people call him Tony?



:lol: :lol:


Anthony is his dad' name. I wonder if he does get called Tony because Tony Martin is well known here for going to prison for shooting intruders in his house - there was a big debate as to whether he should've been so severely punished for it.



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