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The epic COLDPLAY vs. COLDPLAY game - everything against everything

I ran away

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Exeter. I've never been outside the United States but it looks smaller and less crowded. Plus, a few of my ancestors who sailed to America in the 1600s (one was a prominent colonial founder) can be traced all the way back to 16th century Exeter.


By the way that GCF performance of Yellow is one of my favorites. I adore the whole thing, especially that ending. :)


Chris playing guitar vs. Chris playing piano

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I honestly don't know.....around 42 worked well with Viva and MX, but not GS....over 42 is what makes X&Y so amazing....

Ill go with over 42 because they have more time to add great songs and new sounds.....plus, it's not like I can ever get bored listening to a Coldplay album if it goes over the 'time limit' :p


See You Soon (ep version) vs See You Soon (Live 2003)

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December release. Even if I'm not hyped about the new album since I have the feeling I will not like the overall sound, there has in every release been at least one Coldplay song I like a lot, so I want to have a new song to get me through the dark winter days :)


songs with OOOOOH chants s. songs without

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Ken Nelson. I think he ended up fitting better with what Coldplay wanted Parachutes to sound like. I enjoy his crisp, raw production style on the album. The Nelson-produced version of Don't Panic is better than the Chris Allison version in my opinion.


Kylie Minogue vs Rihanna

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