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The epic COLDPLAY vs. COLDPLAY game - everything against everything

I ran away

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Hi folks, I've devised a new game. It's very easy: you pitch something versus something else, and the next poster must answer which one she/he prefers. The next poster will then ask another question, which can be something completely different, and so on. The items you pitch against each other must be related to Coldplay. But it can really be anything Coldplay-related ! It should be something that can be compared though (A bad question would for example be: "AROBTTH album cover vs. lyrics of Talk", because how on earth can you compare these two things ?)



I give a few good examples:


Viva stage outfit vs. X&Y stage outfit

Make Trade Fair vs. Oxfam

curly hairstyle on Chris vs. curly hairstyle on Guy

first line of What If vs. first line of Shiver




All right ! Then I'll just kick it off with the first question:


Parlophone vs. Fierce Panda Label

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Equality sign on Chris's hand because I think getting the symbol tattooed on shows a lot of sincere dedication to the cause. Chris literally made the Make Trade Fair campaign a part of him!


The Scientist's music video vs. Talk's music video


Interestingly, it was once revealed that it was only a drawing, not a permanent tattoo. Too bad he doesn't draw it on any longer, I liked it.


The Scientist music video. Talk is the better song in my opinion but its video was not well executed (although it does have interesting premises)


original VLV video vs. alternate VLV video

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Marianne. I find it cool that Will, the drummer of one of the biggest bands in the world, married a schoolteacher instead of someone with a celebrity background.


Exactly my thoughts. I think it would have suited Chris better to do the same instead of running after famous actresses...


GPASUYF live (VLV tour)



lyrics of A Message vs. lyrics of Oceans

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