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[2015-12-04] Coldplay Facebook Livestream

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Sure, I have this file @Yasuko, hope, it's ok for you if uploaded on Mega? If yes the here it is with the small announcement with Jon and Will  https://mega.nz/folder/FNZwyRwJ#ZIjSAJinV3_3VwUN6Mn-

YOU. ARE. A. STAR!  Thank you so much Nikolette 😘😘😘

Aw that was a wonderful way to start the morning. Great interview! Love how funny they all are. Off to go get the album now. Happy Coldplay Day everybody! :p


I am off too! And yes awesome way to start the "day of dreams" :)

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Yeah that was one hella interview full of different questions, good questions.. Only wonder what made it time constraint, thought it wouldn't be that strict with the "we're out of time" thing..

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Great interview! What a nice, relaxed guys they are!

The most interesting answer for me was when Guy said that he can't listen to their own albums objectively and he can only think about how could they improve things :)

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