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[2015-12-07] Coldplay on The Late Late Show with James Corden

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he is a british guy who is a late night host over in the US now. wow! it's a coldplay special! no other guests!


edit: or more likely, just a coldplay performance pre taping since the guys have other obligations... :-/

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I got my tickets. I'm beyond excited since I've not had much luck with the TIDAL and I Heart Radio contests... My 25th show. :dance::dance::dance:


yey! coldplay karma continues! looking forward to the review!

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The tickets say the taping is going to be from 12:30-2:00. Which is pretty typical for them to perform 2 songs in a tv studio setting. They will run through both songs several times, getting different camera angles. And maybe throw in an extra song or two, for the studio audience, just because. Can I just say once again how freaking excited I am to be seeing them again, and twice in 2 days!

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