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A Few Coldplaying Updates


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Hey everyone, I haven't done one of these update posts in a while and a lot has changed since the last one.


Firstly I would like to say a massive thank you to Christa42 for her years of amazing work. who recently stepped down from the Coldplaying Team. Christa has been part of the Coldplaying community for over 10 years and has been an integral part of the team and the community. Christa's unique personality and amazing moderating skills will be missed. Let's hope she will pop in to say hi in the future!


Marcelo has also stepped down to work on his own projects such as coldplaybrasil.com. This currently brings us to 10 team members (including myself).


Some of you may have noticed the current mess of multimedia downloads on the forums. I have received countless messages asking for things to be re-uploaded but it is taking longer than expected. At the moment I am organising the hundreds of gigabytes worth of concerts I have offline. They will all be uploaded once everything is catalogued but it takes an extremely long time to do everything. Expect the downloads section to be up and running with every Coldplay concert available by the end of this year.


I am also working on a comprehensive guide to every Coldplay concert ever. It will contain links to video and audio downloads as well as the setlist. For future concerts, ticket information, venue information, accommodation and flight info, facts and more will be available. This will allow users to visit one page that will contain every bit of info about a concert they need


The gallery is currently being run by @sydflower and is being updated regularly with hundreds of new photos being added every week!


The forums have received a massive makeover with a new theme. I am working on a feature that will allow you to change the colour of the theme as some of you are not happy with the current colour scheme. The forums are also receiving minor updates regularly. Image caching and "Stay logged in" by default have just been added recently. The Coldplaying app is still available on Android however it will not be updated in the future and may possibly be removed from the play store.


I would also like to thank everyone who follows us on social media. Our Twitter recently hit 70k followers while our Facebook has nearly reached 177k!


If anyone has any questions or feedback please leave a reply below. I'm not sure when you will next get a messy update post like this one again but stay tuned :P



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thanks for the update stephen! and thank you for all the work you do.

but i do have one question...


when will the old smileys be back? :p

Oh I forgot to mention this. @Captain Crieff has given me a list of all the smilies but I have to upload each and every smiley individually. It's not the biggest priority right now

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Christa will be missed! She is so nice, such a great help, and I hope to welcome her back soon!!


Also congrats to @iamsue for becoming a writer for Coldplaying!

Thanks, AMDB9. I am only hoping to do some good things here, and learn from the rest of our great team! Christa was such an inspiration!


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ex member here: not to say I or the rest of the team didn't have any IT skills, but not all the roles require high IT skills. Mulitmedia perhaps, but Stephen takes care of that already plus the website hosting side of it. As a mod, writer, wiki editor, facebook/twitter poster, it doesnt take any more knowledge to do than posting on the forum or tweeting something.

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