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Arabesque - Sunrise

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Man clean edits can be stupid. What I mean is I hate when you do clean edits you put no effort into them. Atleast make them sound proper, like they were intended to sound that way, not a hodgepodge cut-copy-paste job that everybody is going to notice that something's wrong. What is that "SAME [akward gap] BLOOD!" supposed to mean? Chris sings every word on-the-beat on that part. It sounds weird when it skips one when your brain is trained to expect it. Find the tempo of the song and make it sound properly like there's nothing edited out you supposed professional sound engineer that gets paid so much money. You had one job!

Here's how it should sound:


Personally, I think this gap on Arabesque much more "natural" than, for example, in Guns or Trouble in Town. I mean, Guns has a much worse clean edit with holes on it, not gaps. And why Trouble in Town has all the police man speech in there with thoses gaps? Why put the REAL clean edit on YouTube? Even Post Malone's edits are better.

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