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Top 3 Coldplay Albums


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In terms of objectively ranking them:

1. Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends

2. A Rush of Blood to the Head

3. Parachutes


But my top 3 favorite (as of the moment, you never know when your ranking might change) are:

1. Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends

2. Everyday Life

3. Mylo Xyloto

The Eno eras rule.

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1. X&Y


3. MOTS 

Yeah, it's not out yet, but with what's already out and the overtura, it'll probably take second place (currently X&Y is the only album I like every song on and apparently this will be the second one)

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Top 3 is super fricking hard looking back at this big discography and all the feels that come with the times of your life when you first listen to an album. Maybe my Top 3 for what makes me happy and feel in a good mood is different than my Top 3 for rainy days. But overall I'm just gonna put on a critics hat, these are the albums I think are musically my favorite: 

1. Viva La Vida - Unmatched creativity and consistency. Musically it's way more complex and dynamic than any other Coldplay album. Every member of the band is pushing themselves. Throw in Prospekt's March Edition and it gets only better. It's dark, ambient, but loud and colorful. 

2. A Rush of Blood to the Head - Amazing atmosphere and simple, straight to the point songwriting. Just really, really good straightforward piano rock and the subtle hints that the band was going to be eventually massive, with epic crescendos and beautiful melodies. 

3. Everyday Life - Usually I'd put Parachutes here... but I have to say Everyday Life just gets better every time I listen. Not only is the concept pretty interesting and I think overall well met, but the songs are really diverse. And the band incorporates artists from all over the world to create some of their most interesting soundscapes. It can make you feel angry, wistful, sad, and hopeful all at once.

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