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Post pictures of the gorgeous Chris

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Such an amazing set design with an amazing singer! (And Will of course!)

Look at those gorgeous curls :heart_eyes:

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Thought I'd add to this thread with this absolute HD beauty from June 7th. I feel this exists purely to be a really good background (well and make us happy) :)))))10-Coldplay-CM.jpg

In June he still had a mark from the day he fell down during the Latin-American leg at the beginning of April

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whaaa.... what is this guy doing




from here: [MEDIA=tumblr]did=851053dcd87b81f3cbcd5e349a0db0d5d06751c9;id=154810032088;key=WNoQq3d3xdMTlyBlA_B6Dw;name=everglow[/MEDIA]

Mobile Link: http://everglow.tumblr.com/post/154810032088/how-am-i-alive


Oh those pics are great <3 ... through several small miracles I was actually there (!!) but my pictures look like I took them on a 2005 flip phone lol. Didn't have time to charge the real camera, I drove almost three hours to get there. No pictures or words can capture the feelings I had all night anyway!


And video snippet: [MEDIA=instagram]BOVPhLlhozU[/MEDIA]

Mobile Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/BOVPhLlhozU/


I'm still not sure it wasn't a hallucination, so I'm glad I have some blurry documentation on my phone to confirm I haven't just imagined it all.

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Also, this picture, I think it was when he was trying to sort out the chords for Purple Rain with the other musicians. The banter in this show was priceless.


yes, it looks like he's in the middle of conversing with someone. the position he's in his hilarious, though :joy:


it's so cool that you got to go! i would have loved to be there even though i'm a few hours away from the city now too (though not in Philly at the moment).

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