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Your life in five years 3 different out comes


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ooooooooooooooohhhhhh yeah! :lol: :lol: sorry completely misread your post! :lol: :lol:

I thought you had written "have you seen the Bloppers?..Gareth and S.O.A.D"

so I thought it was something like ant and decs Ploppers thingy and it was Gareth and System Of A Down :stunned: :lol: :lol:

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x I'll be graduating from uni

x Live in a nice place of my own with my boyfriend

x My family is happy

x I have a job that pays more than minimum wage



x I'll still be in school for another year or so

x I'll live on my own but it'll be some grungy place

x I'll still be working the same job I do now

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* At uni doing good im my courses

* Starting a long term relationship

* Be in a band that does squite a bit of touring

* Live in a house with mates



* Start uni

* Think about getting a girl friend

* Be in a band that does local touring/ Pub entertainment

* Live in a flat with mates


The bad thingy

* Not at uni because of failure

* Single and alone

* Living in a council flat with violence everywhere/ Becoming a tramp

* An alcholic/Druggie

* Dead

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I live in New York City, writing for some magazine and doing what I love to do. My family is great, my friends are great, and I'm great. Oh, and I have a dog named Petey.



I'll probably be back in Toronto, working as a reporter or something for The Toronto Star, or some other Toronto weekly. I'll live in a waaay-too expensive apartment with 2 of my friends, and am struggling to budget my finances. I will have no dogs yet, but will want to get one.



I will have no potential career prospects and live with my parents, bored and incredibly depressed. I will have gained 25 pounds from eating my mother's cooking everyday, which is often rich in butter and oil and stuff. I will be unmotivated and think that the last 5 years of my life were wasted and what am I to do now. My dogs will hate me and live in the basement. And I accidentally sat on my rabbit with my ginormous (and still growing) ass.


I like this thread.

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write more poems, plays, essays, novels...

study english philology (3years), and journalism (2 years)

get a good bfriend near me.

get a domain where translate all my sites...

learn more languages and improve others.

visit europe.

may be have a baby. :baby:

get a cool job: jorunalism at a radio o magazine, publish, write and direct tv programmes, may be sing....



study any philology and then journalism

have friends

visit some places in europe.

get a job.



well it´s better no think about it, it just come when you don´t wait it.


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I will kick butt in model UN and be assured a job when I graduate

I have my doctorate

I find an amazing job doing what I love

I find the love of my life

I live in a wonderful home



I do ok in model UN

I get my masters

I have a job to pay the bills

I am dating sporadically

I live in an apartment



I am piss poor at model UN

I still rely on my parents for funding

I am still working on my bachelors

I don't date at all

I live in a cardboard box

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- study abroad in norway

- being with a special someone

- good job for a young person

- accepted to desired university



- getting into desired university

- having an OK job

- same personality

- new friends

- no trip to norway



- no new friends

- didn't get into desired college

- special someone loses interest / relationship dies out

- no job

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-have job of my dreams and am making good money

-married to the perfect guy (a Black Metaller who's educated, has a great job, is smart, kind, etc.) aka. social climbing

-live somewhere better/different (like Sweden)

-maybe have a kid (or two) who is/are smart and well-adjusted

-make lots of real friends

-I am really happy and me/my little family is financially and emotionally stable

-no need to be on medication or go to counselling for me

-no more threats of terrorism, wars, etc. so my kids can have a good life



-in good enough job which pays well

-dating/or married to someone who I get along with well enough and who is about my social class

-still in Canada

-no children

-a few or same friends

-still have same emotional problems or a little less



-lose all the friends I have

-still live at home, unemployed

-depressed and worse


or I could be dead, but in a way that could fit in optimistic as well.

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